NaBloPoMo Day Seven: Fandom

Most of us have a favorite television show or movie. Well, I am no different.
When it comes to these ‘fandoms’ we all get catchy names it seems. There’s ‘Trekkies’ and whatnot. I honestly can say I dont know most of these little catch names.

My personal fandoms? I am a rabid The Walking Dead fan. I love Supernatural, I love American Horror Story. I’ve recently discovered Sons of Anarchy, though am not through and up to date on current episodes. I’m on season 4 on I also started watching a show called Z Nation, which is like  a poor mans Walking Dead, but it stars DJ Squalls and he always makes me smile.

I was a huge TrueBlood fan…at first. I was a huge Sparticus fan…at first. My interests come and go.

I am a die hard Star Trek fan though. Old, new…I love them.

The Walking Dead and Supernatural keep me hanging however. I keep coming back. American Horror Story is the same.

Fandom isnt just limited to your favorite shows, however. I love Deadpool and X-Men comics. I am a serious Stephen King fan. Mira Grant is another favorite.

So I will revel in my fandoms. I wont go so far as breaking out into writing ‘fanfic’ though…lol. Thats a recipe for disaster. 😉

2 comments on “NaBloPoMo Day Seven: Fandom

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is Z Nation based on World War Z? Sounds like it to me:) I've been meaning to get into Gotham myself, but that will have to be something I binge watch on ITunes, I guess. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Zoe Ambler says:

    Hi! Sorry to say, but no, Z Nation isnt based on WWZ. That would be pretty awesome if it was…lol.

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