Jan 5, 2014 Blogging 101: My introduction

My name is Zoe Amber and I’m really a very intelligent cat with opposable thumbs.
Well, I had to kick this thing off with some sort of humor. Lets get down to the nitty gritty of it though, shall we?
I’m Zoe. I was born in July, 1970. I’m a bit of 5’3″, purple haired, zombie apocalypse wishing, coffee swilling goodness. Just a ray of frikkin sunshine!
I’m a writer of fiction, mostly horror genre, but with a healthy heaping of yet to be published erotica as well. Some of that is in the horror genre, too.
I’m from a little place called Enterprise, Alabama. Its not a big city, but its not a small town, either. What are we famous for? Peanuts. Peanuts and cotton. The most interesting aspect of this place? We have a statue of a lady holding a bug in the middle of town square. Seriously. Go look…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise,_Alabama.
Its a bug. A boll weevil. A few times the statue has been vandalized. Who in their right mind wants a big bug? Seriously? Someone actually hacked off the arms of the lady once to steal it. They didn’t get far, I imagine because its heavy.
Moving right along. I am the mother of one spawn. A girl. She’s 25 and has my lovely wit and demented humor. She’s currently living here at home with me, which makes things entertaining. She has a good job in the law profession and is considering going back to school for her Associates, and maybe even further. She makes me very proud. Especially since I couldn’t get her little butt to stop skipping school in her senior year of high school. But she passed! She got a degree to boot! She’s a great person with a stunning personality.
I myself have had a few varied jobs. I was a cashier, a cake decorator until my wrists gave out, I worked at a florist, and I’ve been an accountant and auditor. All that while still writing and gaming. I no longer work, being on disability. Though writing is a full time job in my opinion.
I have…’issues’…that we will get into later in our relationship. DON’T RUN AWAY!!!!
Now, to current times. I just published my first book, and man, what a learning experience. So many mistakes were made. And I’m still learning. I’m not too savvy on the whole social media thing, or marketing and promotion. Though, with everything I am learning with this first published book, when the second of the series is ready, I’ll have a better grasp of things, and with hope, a fan base and followers.
I have found that writing book summaries, bios, marketing things, tweets, press releases and proposals are INFINITELY HARDER than writing a book. Book writing for me comes pretty easy. Over active imagination and I’m pretty wordy and descriptive. Writing shorter things is a little harder, but I’m working on that.
Well, there’s not much more for today. This is me. You’ll get to know more of me as time moves along. Then you’ll be questioning my sanity, or maybe even your own. ~_^
OH! On a side note…went to the doctors today about this ear infection…not actually a typical ear infection because…well…its me…nothing is ever typical with me. I am being sent to a specialist on Wednesday morning. An Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. FUN! …not.

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