Write, right?


So its quite late in the afternoon for me to be up and out and about, but I was sitting at home (wallowing) and decided the best course of action was to get out of there. I wanted coffee, that I did make, because come one, coffee shop coffee is usually better.
So I packed up the lappy and here I am. Home away from home.
I’ve gotten things done, too! I accidentally deleted everything in my email! Go me!
Thankfully, my most important things were in separate folders.
I have the spotlights ready for tomorrow.
And now I am working on my story. Just an added chapter I thought of while wallowing. Its coming along nicely.
My only complaint is that the coffee shop is a little crowded today with rambunctious and noisy people. It would be different if they were having quiet conversation…but no, they are loud and shouting and…speaking a language I have no understanding of. Maybe its supposed to be yelled.
My coffee is good though. And I got myself a sandwich in case I feel peckish.
I will admit my nerves are shot and my mood is down. I feel a depression coming on. I’ll work through it, however. I always do.
I was going to cook a nice dinner tonight, but I think I’ll say bugger it and eat noodles…or this sandwich…lol. The spawn can feed herself.
I’ve been reading more erotica lately, which makes me really want to start editing and publishing my own works. But that can wait. I’d like to get Addisons story out of the way first. Sales aren’t doing well at all. Non-existent nearly. But, I will still put out the second book, just for symmetry sake. I’m OCD like that.
Speaking of OCD…the blue of my shirt doesn’t match the blue of my pants slightly. Its bugging me. I almost want to go home and change. But I keep telling myself its so slight, you can only tell marginally in the direct sunlight. But still…I KNOW!!!!

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