Move along….

Hello my peeps!
Just checking in, making sure you all don’t abandon me. ~duct tapes self to all of you~
So my friend had their surgery on Monday morning and I’ve been taking care of them non-stop. They were in A LOT of pain for the first three days, but the pain seems to have let up a little since last night. They finally get to take a shower today!!! With my help, of course.
I have been struck with a tad bit of insomnia again, but I think its because I want to be available for my friend whenever they need me. At first, it was a pain pill ever four hours. And they cant sleep in any comfortable position, so we are going lots of watching TV and movies, and talking.
I had a Spotlight lined up for this week, but something came up with the participant, so no Spotlight until next week.
Things are good overall.
Well, a little sadness. My character in the RP world has lost her husband, and I lost a friend. But then, I don’t think I was ever really their ‘friend’, as they only seemed to talk to me when it was convenient for them. Eh, their loss.
Camp Nanowrimo is approaching and I am gearing up to get my butt to work on Book Two, and start sending material to my shiny new editor.
I want to say thank you to most all of you. For your kindness and patience in this trying time for me.
Some of you are becoming very special to me, emailing me and chatting with me, helping me see beyond my own little world a bit by giving me a glimpse into yours on a personal level. You all know who you are. ~virtual hugs and gropings~
So, I’ll be trudging on, working to keep my friend comfortable and tend to their needs, keeping fat-cat happy and trying to get some rest when my brain decides its just too tuckered out. That’s almost impossible when you don’t have a quiet mind.
All my love to you sweeties! Keep blogging and giving me knowledge, humor and things to ponder!!!
Oh, one last thing. RIP Terry Pratchett. A loss of a truly great author in our world. He will be greatly miss by me, I was a huge fan. ~sighs~

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