A fickle pulse: A short story

This short story is from a writing prompt. I have based the story from my character on one of my gaming sites point of view. Names have been changed so I dont hear whining. 😛

The three words for this prompt:

1. vein
2. grip
3. Scene

The pulse of this place runs on gossip. Who is who, who is doing what, and the how’s and why’s.
That pulsing vein within this fair city is so turbulent, it makes me sick. Maybe because we aren’t a ‘big city’. Maybe because folks are too set in their ways.
They grip on to whatever they can.
They grip on to certain people so badly it looks painful. Well, it is painful, if you’re the outsider.
You see, once upon a time, I was one of those people. I don’t know when or why it stopped. Oh, yes, I do. It’s when Fanny and I stopped being such good friends.
I had a few other friends, but not like Fanny. Fanny was…is…the type that people flock to. I mean, stupidly flock to… they don’t see the real her. They don’t see past the façade. Well, let them. The masses do not listen to the likes of me.
This story is to illustrate just how callous and feeble the minds here can be.
A few friends, the kids of one of the city’s ‘Bachelor’ association, though I’d do their pappy some good, and him me. I’m divorced, no kids or anything.
So, they make arrangements for me and their pappy, Danny, to talk. I have never in my life seen or heard someone so boisterous in their claim of ‘forever a bachelor’ before. I mean, the man barely gave me the time of day, little conversation, and was overly pressed to show he cared not an ounce to get to know me.
Well, then.
I wouldn’t have been bothered by it much, really, I wouldn’t. He wanted to remain a bachelor, I understood that.
Now, Danny wasn’t very popular. The masses didn’t have a very high opinion of the man. He made mistakes.
Oh, but then Fanny came along. They spoke a bit.
Then boom.
The two of them were married.
Of course, this just showed me that Danny was willing to ride the coattails of Fanny’s popularity. Most people want to be in that spot.
Danny’s popularity among the masses has skyrocketed. He will certainly keep a firm grip to Fanny.
And Fanny. Well. I already said in a ways that she had appearances to keep up. Hers were starting to slip a little. She had to get that precious limelight shining bright on herself again. Taking a grip on a man with notoriety, even negative, was better than becoming just like …well…me.
And so, Danny and Fanny became the talk of the town.
Have their found love in all of this? Who knows? Fanny has a horrid track record of burning men out. How many marriages? And how many men have just… left?
Danny and Fanny have their precious spotlight for the denizens of the city for now. Fanny will never lose it. If Danny disappears like so many of her other husbands have, then she will get even more attention.
And then there are the common folk. Folk like me. We’re the outcasts. No one wants to even socialize with us, and I mean, to our faces they are all smiles, but heaven forbid you say ‘hi’ in a public place. They are the same people on the scene when there are any sort of reasons to throw stones at you.
Such a fickle little place this is.
Such a fickle people here.

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