Baby Talk: A short story

A first sentence starter. Its a little morbid. It didnt come out as I had planned, however. This one, in time, may need for a rewrite for me to be completely happy with it.

Who would have poisoned all these innocent children?
That was the big question on her mind. She looked over the decayed remains of 21 children, ranging from age 5 to 10. Some were more decomposed than others, but they seemed to have died in groups. Killed, poisoned, and then placed into a mass grave.
A dog had found the grave in the forest. He’d gotten away from his own on one of the walking trails and started digging and barking in the small clearing. Once a little hand was dislodged from the earth, the panicked owner called 911.
21 little children. She identified the poison in the bodies, their last meals and all relevant findings.
That couldn’t reveal the killer or the reason, however.
This had been happening over the course of years. No suspects, no ‘persons of interest’. It was frustrating. And if it was frustrating for her, she could only imagine what the detectives and officers handling the case felt.
She had not yet started identifying the bodies. The detectives and officers were compiling missing children lists, pictures and dental records.
Who would do such a thing to innocent little children? Did they have such confidence that the bodies would never be found, or linked back?
She took a breath, sighing out. Back to work. The dead had to reveal their secrets to her.

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