Back Roads: A short story

This is a short story from a three word prompt. The words to be worked into the story are:
1. stranger
2. chicken
3. Jump

There was something weird about that town. Everyone seemed on edge, or hiding something. They never looked me directly in the eye.
My car had broken down, and I managed to get it there. It was a long way to push a car, but thankfully the landscape was pretty flat.
An old guy said he could fix my car at the local gas station. As I was talking to him, I noticed how people were peeking out of their windows at me, or looking at me from the shops and the café, but trying to look like they weren’t looking.
Yes, I was a stranger there, and it was obviously a tight knit community. It was a very small town. My guess not more than 500 people all together.
I have to be honest here. I’m a bit of a chicken myself, so it was all creeping me out. I mean, I almost felt like they are sizing me up more than anything.
As the old guy worked on my car, I decided to look around town. I went into some shops on main street, even got a bite to eat at that little café. As the sky darkened and the street lamp lit, I noticed people were closing their shops earlier than what their signs announced.
I started walking back to the garage. I swear to you I would jump at every little noise.
I got back to the garage/gas station. The old fellow was wiping his hands on a shop towel. “I got’er up and runnin’. Even gassed’er up for ya.” He said to me. He then stepped a little closer, keeping his tone down.
“Now get in the car and get out of here. You have about 10 minutes before they come for you.”

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