Birthday bonus: Little Monster: A short story

Just an extra story for you all today, since its my birthday and I doubt I’ll do much of anything but laze around with Fat-Cat today.

This is from a first sentence prompt, the prompt being: ‘They found his ______ under his bed.’

They found his ‘collection’ under his bed. His mother has been crying since it happened.
How could our son do this? Why is he not… normal? His mother and I are quite normal. His older sister and younger brothers are normal.
How could this happen?
And… he doesn’t even care. That’s the remarkable thing. He shows no emotion to the event at all.
He had been hunting and killing the neighborhood pets out roaming. I don’t know where he learning it from, but he had gutted and skinned them, removed meat from bones and then found a place to clean and dry those bones.
While cleaning his room about three hours ago, his mother pulled a large flat box from under his bed. Upon opening it, she found it to be full of small animal bones.
She screamed of course.
When we confronted him, he just shrugged and said it was something he liked to do, and that one day he was going to be a taxidermist.
This is something wrong. He is killing, liking it, and keeping his ‘treasures’.
He’s my son.
Do I call the police? Do I take him into the BMU?
What do you do when you find your offspring is a pint sized little monster?

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