Bound to Her: A short story (RP Based)

So this is an RP story I wrote awhile back, I think around Christmas time last year. I dont think I ever posted it to the RP forum, but digging through my stuff today I found it and dusted it off. Its another look at the relationship between my character Nemesis and her faithful butler Creedy. It also alludes to how human Nemesis is, for being a vampire. She makes mistakes, she is flawed and she is socially awkward.
So, enjoy getting to know this character!


Creedy looked at his employer with pity, heaving a heavy sigh for her.
“Pathetic.” He said out loud, dropping a dagger close to Nemesis’ head as she lay in the middle of the banquet halls long dining table.
“Oh, an inch more and that would have taken my ear off, Creedy. Go. Away.” She said, not even mustering enough emotion in her voice to seem threatening. She reached up and plucked the dagger out of the fine finishing of the table and simply tossed it to the floor. “You’re ruining my furniture, stop it, or I’ll dock your pay.” She then rumbled to him.
“Tsk…Nemesis, how long has it been since you’ve been out? Halloween? You need to get out…things can’t be that bad, can they?” The dedicated butler asked of his mistress.
Nemesis simply let out a sigh. “Gee, I dunno Conrad…I turned away from everyone in the city, destroyed friendships, broke ties, left total communities and had a one night stand that left a nice gouge mark in me that makes me want to claw my own eyes out. Don’t you kinda think I’ve done enough damage?” She asked her man servant.
“Caroline…” Creedy breathed out, since she seemed to want to take it to the first and real name basis “…nothing is irreparable. Perhaps a conversation with oph…”
“DONT…do not even go there. If that name is spoken in this house again someone loses a tongue.” Nemesis said plainly. The irritability did have her moving to sit up however, which Creedy found to be a good thing…maybe. He watched as she moved to dangle her legs off the side of the table, swaying her small feet back and forth.
“I was going to prepare the manor for Christmas…would you like to help? I know you enjoy the holiday…” Creedy then offered tenderly, as if a father speaking to his daughter.
But Nemesis was having none of it. “Don’t bother yourself…what’s the point Conrad? It’s just you and me. We don’t need to drag out all this stupid holiday cheer crap just for the two of us. Why don’t you just go away for the holiday…take however much money you need and go on a vacation. That will be my gift to you…a vacation…” She said softly, toying with a strand of her long hair.
The man looked at her and shook his head slowly, his features turning to anger. He reached down to where she had dropped the dagger, retrieving it, only to sink it deep into her flesh in the junction between her neck and shoulder.
Nemesis raised her head, blinking as she turned her sight to Creedy and left out a string of very un-lady-like curses.
“Language like that is so uncouth madam.” Creedy said, watching her pull the blade from her neck.
“Fuck you.” She retaliated. “Why would you do that…want me to return the gesture? Are you feeling suicidal today? You know, I’ve kept you alive and by my side as my butler for how long now? Do not think that you are irreplaceable.” She scowled.
“Tell me about the one night stand. This is the first I’ve heard you mention of it…” Creedy said, looking very pointedly at her. He inwardly sighed at the amount of blood he would have to clean up once Nemesis healed, but drastic times called for drastic measures and all.
Nemesis looked to him rather blandly. “Not much to tell…you know…meet guy, cozy up, make with the sexiness, then sneak away while he sleeps…yeah…not too much more than that.” She said, hopping down from the table.
“You’re definitely not yourself ma’am. I want to help you.” Creedy said, letting his voice and manner carry the sincerity.
But Nemesis shook it off. “I’m fine. Don’t need anything or anyone past these walls.”
“That’s not true and you know it. You’re wallowing.”
“I am not wallowing.”
“You are. Why don’t you go out and kick a puppy…that always makes you smile…go eat a little goth child, that makes you happy…”
“Creedy…clean up this mess. I’m going to my room.”
Nemesis began walking off, but on the subject of her room, Creedy spoke up once again. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you’ve done in there…I’ve hired a contractor that will be here tomorrow to sort out that mess…you’ll have to sleep in one of the other rooms.”
Nemesis turned. “Yes, yes, fine…I’ll be in my attic, I suppose.” She said in a deflated tone. Yes, she had destroyed her room in a fit of rage one evening, wanting to strip away all there was of the past. She tore furnishings apart, punched holes in walls, destroyed the little ‘hidden room’ in the paneling. Then she started dragging her meals up there…killing them violently and staining the room in blood. Even Nemesis would admit there was a bit of a foul smell emanating from the room now.
As she reached the door to the banquet room, she turned to look at Creedy somewhat timidly. “Is the library put back in order?” She asked rather meekly for a vampiress of her power. Creedy looked at the amount of blood pooled from stabbing her then slowly looked to his mistress. “Yes, Nemesis. The room is back in order, minus the pictures. I figured I would replace those you tore down with some of your old portraits that have been in storage.”
Nemesis gave a nod. “Yes, that will do.” She said softly.
Creedy sighed and began toiling away, cleaning up yet another of Nemesis’ messes. This business of her having a ‘one night stand’ bothered him greatly. But she was her own woman, and he wasn’t her father.
Nemesis trekked to the safety of her attic, curling a lip in disgust at the feel of the dried blood on her neck and in her hair from Creedy’s little dagger hit. Like her faithful butler, her thoughts turned to her actions of weeks ago. She was beginning to feel foolish. It was almost Christmas and she hadn’t said a word to him. She felt like a whore, though she was far from it. There were some in this forsaken city so much worse than herself. Both female and male. Some didn’t know their head from a hole in the ground.
She stripped down and climbed into the shower in her attic room, cleansing herself thoroughly before stepping out to dry and put on fresh clothing. With nothing more to do, and restraining from destroying any more of her own property, she sat down on the cot set up in the corner of the room. Her attic was filled with a variety of herbs, flowers, bones and skins. Voodoo dolls and charms hung everywhere with no rhyme or reason.
She could try to capture a small bit of peace here, among her collection of oddities, both found and created.
With a sign, she picked up a small skull. It was a chipmunk or squirrel or something. It was cute.
She lay down on the cot with the critter skull and allowed her fingertips to smooth over the bone. It was soothing and lulling. Her eyes drifted shut, but she did not sleep.
She wallowed.

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