Floating Part I (RP story based)

This story takes place after one of my breaks from a particular game. Its my character, Nemesis, going through the motions of waking and reaclimating herself to the waking world, covering her needs. Tonight I present Part I, tomorrow I will post Part II.

Floating. Floating, floating, floating. That’s how it felt. She was aware, and yet she had no sense of time or place. So she floated.
Aware. Floating still, but more aware. Her body pressed against another, flesh to flesh. Silk cocooning them.
Aware. Nemesis made one small movement. A simple wiggle of her fingertips. She took a deep breath to scent the air. Her husband’s scent surrounded her.
She wiggled the fingers of both hands before moving her body ever so slightly. That slight movement told her enough.
Her face was buried against his stomach. It must have been awhile since either moved, because Nemesis cracked a small grin when she realized that the skin of her pale cheek was stuck to her partner bounds flesh by way of her own drool. It was comical to her.
She allowed herself a little time to fully become grounded from that floating place before moving again. Slowly and hesitantly she pushed herself from her lover and off the bed, finding herself sitting on the floor. Keen eyes took in the room. There was not a speck of dust, not a thing out of place, everything picture perfect. That could only mean that her faithful butler Creedy had been in every day checking on him.
Nemesis shifted a bit, testing out the strength in her body. She felt weak and her teeth hurt. And there were hardly words to describe the white hot burning hunger in her stomach and veins. With a slender arm she reached to the nightstand she was partially leaning against and picked up the phone, drawing it down to her parched lips. She pressed a single button on the phone. “Creedy…I need your assistance…” she managed to rasp out from a throat that felt of sandpaper.
Not five minutes passed before a tall, well built, but older man entered through the door, a pitcher of thick red fluid in hand. Conrad Creedy had been Nemesis’ human servant for decades. He tended all her affairs and business dealings. And for his servitude, Nemesis kept him from the ravages of time, though she didn’t make him a vampire, as that was his wish.
Creedy moved to Nemesis’ side and held the pitcher to her lips. She greedily gulped at the ever so sweet taste of fresh, hot blood. Creedy’s hand stroked her hair as he whispered to her “slowly, mistress, slowly…” but she paid him no mind and finished of the pitcher, licking what had spilled over her lips and fingers. “Shall I wake the master?” Creedy asked softly. With a shake of her head, she looked to the bed. “Let him sleep until he’s ready…” Creedy gave her a nod and picked her small, naked form up off the floor, carrying her to the washroom. He ran her a bath and set her down within the hot waters before leaving to fetch her some clothing.
Nemesis inhaled the flesh, clean scent of the bath she soaked in. She gathered her favorite body soaps and shampoo and went to work on cleaning herself up. The hot water soothed aching muscles and joints, and the precious blood Creedy had provided held her hunger at bay, for now.
When ready, Nemesis stood from the bath and allowed Creedy to wrap her in a towel and help her stand on her own two legs. He helped dry her off, and brushed her long red hair free from any tangles. “Thank you, Creedy, that will be all for now. I’ll be down stairs in a few.” The elder looking gentleman gave a nod and left the master suite of the Asyl.
Nemesis picked up the clothing that was chosen for her. She offered up a smile. Creedy was worth his weight in gold. He always knew what was needed for her at any given time. Tonight he had chosen a ‘hunting’ ensemble. Black pants and one of her husband’s loose fitting black shirts. Also resting on the counter was her favorite pair of tennis shoes.
She slipped her clothing on and stepped once more into the bedroom, looking to her love. He was still in that floating place. He’d wake sooner or later. That special bond between them would stir at him like a fine web between them being jostled by a tiny fly.
Nemesis blew a kiss to her man’s sleeping form before exiting the room. She walked through the big manor slowly, getting a renewed feel of things. When she descended the staircase, she went to a room on the left of the case, opening the door and stepping in. “BEBEEES!” She squealed as a choir of ‘mews’ and ‘meows’ flooded her ears. The vampiress dropped to her knees and was lovingly assaulted by her array of cats and kittens. And she gave each and every one of them their own special moment of attention. Nemesis adored felines. If she could rescue every stray in the world, she would. She allowed strays from the city streets to follow her home, letting them take up residence in the big barn. They weren’t ‘people’ friendly, having lived on the streets, but they were thankful for the warm hay and free food offered to them. And the stables stayed rodent free.
Out of nowhere that stabbing hot pain was in her belly again. “Okay, my lovelies, momma can’t stay here all night. We’ll play later.” She said to the flock of felines.
Nemesis got up and left the room, heading toward the front door. Creedy was standing there, two jackets for her to choose from. A trench, or a hoodie. She smiled to her servant and chose the hoodie.
“All the best on your nights hunt mistress, it’s good to see you awake.” Creedy said. Nemesis had no words, she simple winked at him and took her leaving of her sanctuary while the night was still young, off to fill her hunger.

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