Floating Part II: (RP Based)


Part II

Upon stepping out into the night air, Nemesis slid on her hoodie and took a deep, unneeded, breath. Its only value was to scent out the most blood in the local vicinity could be found.
The fresh warm blood of possible meals were gathered to the north and west. She smiled, and with a little bounce in her step, steered herself toward the humans. She passed the fountain in the center of the walkway to the front gates, stopping a moment to check on her Koi fish. The lighting made them shimmer in the evening. She waved her hand through the water before continuing down the path that led to the sidewalk and the city beyond.
The first meal of the night came from a smartly dressed young man fumbling around near an Omni Bank ATM machine. She took him down from behind quickly. It felt so good to sink her teeth into the taunt flesh of his neck, she nearly shook him like a wolf with bone. She took deep, smooth drinks of his blood as it rushed to meet her ruby lips. But it all came to an end all too soon. The gentleman had given up all the blood he could offer. Nemesis dropped him where he was, then leaned over his corpse. She didn’t mind acting like a scavenger, picking him clean of coin and money. What need did he have for it now?
With a fresh kill and hot blood rolling through her, Nemesis felt much better. She ventured off, pulling her hood over her head as a light mist of rain had begun to fall. The streets passed Zinc seemed to be filled with activity. A lot of nightwalkers. She didn’t want the tainted taste of a fellow vampire on her tongue this night, however. She wanted human blood, but there wasn’t a tavern near, so she would have to hunt for what she desired. A park would have to suffice.
People still frequented the beautiful old parks in Ravenblack. Lovers strolled their paths, outdoor types still sometimes camped overnight. They knew the risks.
And then there were the hunters. Organized ‘freedom fighters’ here to kill off the demon hoards, as they liked to say it. They could be lethal when fresh for a fight, with their crossbows. The tips were blessed. They caused a vampire a significant amount of damage. Nemesis never gave chase to them. She found no fun in it. Her beloved enjoyed the sport of hunting the hunters.
Nemesis heard voices coming from a path. With stealth and quickness she climbed a tree overlooking the path. She smiled a wide gleaming grin. A couple. Just what she needed to fill herself for the evening. As they came into view, Nemesis’ stomach gave a flutter and she gnashed her teeth. They came closer and closer still, holding hands and chatting. And once they were within her reach, she lay on the branch she had been sitting, picking the lovers up by their heads. She paid no mind to their struggles. It meant nothing to her superior strength.
She made them look toward each other, as they both scratched and groped at her hands on their heads. It made her giggle.
“Time to kiss-kiss!” She said to them in a plain, clear voice before smashing their faces together. Their faces were bashed in beyond recognition, but their bodies still lived.
She drug each of them into the tree with her and fed at her leisure. It was perfection, and she now felt playful.
She tied each of them to the branch by their belts, using tatters of their clothing to make them seem as grotesque marionettes’. She ripped and slashed at their bodies, so that when she pushed them from the tree, entrails and meat would splatter the path below. It made a wonderful ‘sploshing’ noise. She studied her dolls, impressed with her handiwork. She hadn’t lost her touch.
She felt eye on her, causing her to turn slowly. A low growl rang out through the park before two golden eyes pushed their way from the brush. A wolf. A very large wolf. And it wasn’t one of hers. It was a feral, wild wolf. She turned her body boldly and offered a little bow to him. He wouldn’t be able to reach her dolls, be he’d come for what was spilling out of them and what littered the path. Nemesis couldn’t speak to animals like her husband could. So instead, she offered up a silly salute and turned, not showing any fear, and began to stroll away. The wolf was happy enough, and when she had gotten a good distance away, he moved toward the steaming pile of meat, flesh and entrails, enjoying a free meal.
Nemesis went about in the night, looking into shops and whatnot. She saw a good many vampires she knew of, but didn’t personally know, and a bunch of vampires she never seen before. But that’s what happens when you take extended amounts of sleep.
She continued on with her window shopping, making note to come back at a later time to restock and just have the fun of spending her money.
It was time to go home, her hunger sated. Both of them. Both the emptiness of her stomach and veins, and that ever heavy need for violence. She would go home, read a book, drink some wine, and hope her husband crawled his way out of that floating place soon.

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