Hope: A short story

Todays first sentence starter was : ‘He decided to wait until tomorrow to bring the subject back up again.’

He decided to wait until tomorrow to bring the subject back up again.
The idea of adoption didn’t seem like a bad one. However, maybe it was too soon. How long was ‘too soon’? It had been almost a year since the incident, the loss of the baby, and the loss of her ability to conceive.
The first time he had brought it up was definitely too soon. It had only be weeks since the event and he just casually said ‘we could adopt’. Oh, how it pained him to see her face at those words. She said she felt like less of a woman.
He always reminded her that she was one of the strongest women he knew. She had cancer, and she beat it. Yes, at a devastating loss, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have a family.
Today, she was so peaceful and tranquil. She had cooked breakfast, humming a lovely tune. She went about with keeping the house neat and tidy. Her mood was so good. He didn’t want to ruin it.
He casually observed her as she did this and that. Yes, the cancer had eaten away at her a bit, and she could not get that healthy glow fully powered. She was thin, and frail. But more and more she was becoming jovial, and her smile lit up the room.
He wanted to ask, but no, he would wait until tomorrow. He had high hopes. He wanted a child or two. There were so many out there who were just abandoned by their true parents. He and his wife could provide such a lovely, loving home.
Tomorrow he would ask. He would broach the subject. He hoped it was met with pleasantries.

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