I have the Ick…

I feel absolutely dreadful.
Now, I’m no wimp or wuss when it comes to getting sick. I mean, I survive having COPD and had a nice two week coma once, and didnt complain at all. >_>
I have one weakness, however.
Stomach aches.
Give me blinding migraines, give me pnuemonia, give me flesh eating bacteria.
But dont give me a stomach ache.
I can not handle.
Around 4am my stomach started feeling a little queazy. I tried to go lay down, I figured I would try to sleep it off.
Body said “NOPE!”
Every slightest move makes me want to hurl. I have taken Pepto. I have been drinking caffiene free (~GASPS~) peppermint tea. I’ve had two slices of toast all day (Its now 8:19pm)
It is abading, it is.
But I was so miserable I didnt want to move. I got very little writing done. But hey! I did manage a little.
Fat Cat has those sympathetic cat senses, and has been following me around the house all day, or sitting here in my 
face. She knows I dont feel well. It could be that I’ve been whining to her. I dont know. I think she feels my pain.
Either that, or she’s waiting patiently for me to die so she can eat my corpse.
Yeah. ~eyes Fat Cat~
Yeah. ~Fat Cat eyes me~
I dont wanna tummy ache. I want my mommy.

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