Part One of a short story

This is only part of a short story I was working on. Its based off of a prompt, and somehow, it just got away from me. Not sure if something came up and distracted me, or I just lost steam on it. I am, in the next few days, going to try to finish it off. So we’ll just call this Part One:

“It’s all bills, bills, bills. That’s my only answer now,” he said, pointing to Eva like it was all her fault.
The young woman frowned, looking to Pete. “Listen, I didn’t accumulate all those bills on my own, you know. Rent, food, electric, phones, gas, car insurance…and don’t forget your nights out with the guys blowing lord knows how much on booze. And your stupid online games and pay per view.” She hissed.
Pete looked to her, anger etched over every line of his face. “I don’t see you suffering none. You see something, you buy it. How can I even get you gifts when you just up and buy what catches your eye? And me going out? Christ, Eva, I can’t stand sitting in this place all the time. You may be content chatting online, but I like to be social.” He huffed out.
Eva crossed her arms. “And your porn? And titty-bars?” She was starting to dig in deeper now.
Pete certainly didn’t appreciate it. “I give you how much money? How often do I hear a ‘thank you’ for all those clothes you buy? All those matching kitchen gadgets? At least I can go to a titty-bar and see a nice rack and ass for a few bucks, and the bitches thank me for it.”
Eva drew back and slapped Pete hard across the face. The moment her hand left his cheek, she immediately regretted it.
Pete turned his head slightly, looking down his nose at his wife. His voice came out very low, each word very precise and clear. “I have had enough.”
At this point, Eva had started shaking. Pete had a temper when provoked, and slapping him was probably the worst thing she could have done. “I’m sorry, Pete, please. I love you.” She said, her voice trembling. “Please don’t leave me. I don’t want to get divorced. I’m sorry…I won’t bitch about things anymore…”
Pete cut her off with a hard stare. “Divorce? No, Eva. That isn’t gonna happen.” She had pushed just a little too hard. It was always a mistake bringing certain things up with him, and the slap just nailed things.
“Go to bed. Just… get out of my sight.” He said firmly.
Eva nodded, all but stumbling over herself to get out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the bedroom.
He watched her like a hawk, and then listened to her footfalls overhead.
He’d had enough of this shit. Everyone had warned him not to marry her. Hell, everyone had told him never to marry period. He wasn’t the type. Ill tempered.
He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of divorce, however. She wasn’t as stupid as she acted. She knew if they divorced, she’d get half, if not more, of their liquidated assets.
He had to get rid of her.

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