Peer Pressure: A short story

From a first sentence prompt. The opening sentence being ‘Spider threads caught at her face, but she forced her legs to run faster.’

Spider threads caught at her face, but she forced her legs to run faster.
She didn’t want to come to this stupid place anyway. Everyone else wanted to though, and she gave in to the peer pressure of it all.
‘Let’s sneak in to the old asylum! Oh, fun! Oh, creepy! We can drink our booze and tell ghost stories and old urban legends!’
Those stories and legends were not supposed to be real. Could they all be playing a prank on her? She wondered that as she ran, terrified. It sparked a little anger into her. But, she had seen the blood spirting from Calebs neck. His throat was torn out. It was horrifying.
It all started with small things. Their flashlights flickered all at once. The beer went flat. It got a bit cold for it to be a steamy July night.
Then things started moving. Jamie said something scratched her across the back. Sure enough, there were jagged nail marks on her shoulder.
Things went ballistic after that. They grabbed their stuff to leave, but something wouldn’t let them. And then Jamie began screaming. We looked at her, and she was staring at Caleb. Pouring blood out like a fountain from his neck. There was someone behind him, grinning insanely. This… person… well… she couldn’t quit make out the features. They seemed solid, looking almost like a wax figure, only blurry around the edges. The eyes were black.
Everyone scattered then.
So here she was, running insanely, getting lost in this huge place, going into corridors that hadn’t held human life in decades, a home for the old spiders.
She slowed a moment, trying to catch her breath a little. Every part of her was shaking in fear.
The sound of a small child laughing sent chills down her spine.
The little hand grasping hers in a vice like grip sent her screaming once again only to come to an abrupt stop when pulled into the darkness.

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