The Human Animal: A short story

This short story comes by way of a three word prompt. The three words to be worked into the story are as follows:
1. engine
2. detail
3. Wilderness

When he heard the engine roar off in the distance, panic raced through him, making him hot all over and feeling sweaty.
He took of down one of the deer trails. He knew them all in this area in great detail. This was his land, after all. That didn’t keep people from hunting here, only… it wasn’t legally hunting season.
What if they were looking for him? He ran away from the world of people long ago. The few people who saw him from time to time for supplies called him ‘Grizzly Adams’. He remembered that show, and the story of that man’s life. In a way, it mirrored his own, minus being on friendly terms with any bears.
He lived here, in this vast wilderness to escape nightmare of the past.
That didn’t mean the past didn’t try to catch him on occasion.
When he found the truck, seeing two men with shotguns leaning against it and drinking beer, he felt relief sweep over him. They were just kids really. Illegally hunting deer, or any other furry creature they could hit.
He breathed out a sigh, turning to make his way back to his hidden cabin. He took the deer paths most of the way, then walked haphazardly through the brush so there was never a clear trail or path to his homestead.
Making it back to his cabin, he went inside and bolted the door. He went to the mantle and removed the framed pictures sitting there.
They were the last human prey he had ever hunted. Living out here in the wilderness was not just for his protection, but for their protection.
He was more animal than human.

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