The Law: A short story

A first sentence starter prompt. The prompt being: ‘More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land.’

More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land.
The world wasn’t what it once was just two years ago. The most you had to worry about then was getting rob and mugged, or assaulted. Rape was a big crime. Traffic accidents.
No, the world is a lot more dangerous now.
We don’t know what started it. Bacterial or viral. We don’t know how it transmitted. Could we all have it and just don’t know it? Could it lie dormant in some people? Who created it and why? Was it simply an act of Mother Nature?
Regardless, when the world went to hell, the smart people banded together in the biggest cities across the globe for the unaffected to gather in. They set up universal laws.
We managed to reestablish communication with other cities and countries, but travel was a no-go. No one wanted to risk an incident on a plane. And travel from city to city was a huge risk.
We weren’t allowed out after dark. You were supposed to be locked up tight within your home, curtains and blinds drawn. In the daylight hours, you were not supposed to travel alone, always in a group.
But now, people were getting overconfident. Kids were throwing old fashioned raves in abandoned warehouses and buildings. People were opening up bars and everyone was drinking and having a ‘good time’, despite the risks from the noise and smell.
Didn’t they understand what we were trying to tell them? This…thing…was mutation, evolving.
It was turning people into monsters. Flesh eaters, blood drinkers. They had no rational thought. Though, they did show some signs of retaining some of their memories. That wasn’t necessarily a good thing. They were actively seeking out those fleeting faces, family members… and when they found them, it wasn’t some sort of catalyst for cure. No, they attacked. They tore people apart.
Sound attracted them, smells.
The biggest safety we had against them was a daytime, daylight hours. They didn’t seem to like the light of day, some falling into fits at pure sunlight. But it was recorded that a few events of daytime attacks still happened. It was just rare.
So why, knowing everything they know, were people bound to try to live like they used too? The laws were set to protect them. Protect all of us. Don’t they understand that the laws of the land now, were to protect us all?

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