The Woods: A short story

Another 3 word prompt. I was lazy today, though. The words just didnt flow well for this, or I wasnt in the right mindframe.

1. creature
2. shock
3. Neck

It was huge, but it was quick. We never saw it coming, hell, we never heard it coming. That’s probably what I find so incredible. I mean, its fall, in the middle of the woods. Every step you take is accompanied by the sound of crunching dried leaves and branches under your feet.
This creature didn’t make a sound though. Nothing.
The look on our faces must have either pleased it, or pissed it off more. I know my expression was one of shock, though I really can’t imagine exactly what I must have looked like.
We scattered, scrambling through our blankets and sleeping bags around the campfire, trying desperately to get away. It went for those who were trapped first. It didn’t kill them outright. Well, maybe that was the point. Maim them so they couldn’t get away.
I had gotten away though. I ran as fast as my little feet would carry me. I kept the image of that thing with its teeth clamped around my friend’s neck in my mind.
It didn’t help in the end. It’s now my neck clamped within its teeth.

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