30 Day Challenge: About ‘Me’

30 day challenge
So, this is a game we played on one of my role play sights. Some did it as their characters, some did it as themselves.
Each night is a new ‘thing’ about me. Various things. Favorites, habits, etc..
There are 30 of them, and yes, today is the 2nd of August, but there are 31 days in the month, so it will round out fine.
I wont leave you hanging without stories to read either, just not tonight. I was majorly busy today and my word count tanked. I dont even like the story I did write, so I’m just going to trash it.
So, on with the show…
Day 1: Write some things about yourself.
Let’s see…I’m 45, I’m from Enterprise Alabama. It’s way hot right now and I’m sticky.

I have a Fat Cat.

I am fond of coloring my hair funky colors and getting tattoos.

I smoke.

I swear.

I drink coffee like no normal person should ever drink coffee.

I’m dangerous. Really. I am.

I collect battle ready swords. Yes, I have hurt myself with said swords on occasion.

I’m left handed.

I’m a truck girl, not fond of cars at all.

I fear bugs of any kind.

I am addicted to scented candles and those little scented waxy melt thingies. I love my office, and home in general, to smell really nice. Yes, I smoke, I hate smoke odor.

I am a very good cook, I just choose not to do it.

I love anything horror/supernatural related, as well as apocalyptic/end of the word/survival of the fittest related.

I binge watch things on Netflix – there’s no such thing as ‘I’ll just watch one episode/season – oh, no… whole series…lol.

Crazy into comic books, mostly Marvel, but some others as well.

ROBOTS…Transformers, Pacific Rim, etc. …LOVE!

I watch porn. WHAT? How else am I’m going to write good smut…ITS RESEARCH!!!

I know more of the history of WWII, Vietnam, the city of New Orleans and all things voodoo, voudon, hoodoo, low-country voodoo, etc., than I do about my own home town.

I have an obsession with serial killers and unsolved crimes.

The majority of my library consists of books on serial killers, FBI profiling, mental disorder guides, books based on voodoo and witchcraft, journals/calendars/notebooks. The rest are mostly horror novels and a few non-fiction works.

I have no ‘classic’ works in my library other than Edgar Allen Poe’s complete collection, Dante’s Inferno, Milton’s Paradise Lost and a collection of work by Nietzsche.

I love watching autopsies.

I like looking at crime scene and accident photos.

I play the violin. Badly.

I was a drummer in my high school marching band for a year, when not skipping school.

In my youth, I took professional riding lessons from an Olympic Equestrian champion. Later, in my teens, I worked as a trail guide for a touristy horseback riding tour down in Galveston Texas.

My father was in the military, as was the man I was married to.

I have one child.

I suffered from severe agoraphobia for about 10 years and didn’t leave the house at all. I suffer from bipolar disorder, major depression with psychotic episodes, social anxiety, and schizophrenia and have been a self-harmer since my early teens. With support from loved ones, I got help, and am now a functioning person type thing. I no longer fear leaving the house, however, I have ‘safety zones’, if going somewhere other than one of my safety zones, a support person (usually my daughter) has to go with me. I do take vacations, but usually to places I’ve been going all my life, or with someone to act as my support person in case of a freak out.

My home away from home is a local coffee shop. When I first started frequenting the place, I spoke to no one, kept my head down, earphones on, and did nothing but write. Now I talk to people, chat with regulars, and pester the baristas and owner.

I think that covers more than a few basics about me. DON’T RUN AWAY!!!

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