30 Day Challenge: Day 20

30 day challenge

Day 20: Concerts you have attended

Various operas, ballets and evenings at the orchestra growing up. Momma wanted me to have ‘culture’. Apparently it didn’t take… lol

In no particular order…
Def Leppard (80’s)
Alice in Chains
Ozzy (80’s)
Lita Ford (80’s)
Duran Duran (80’s)
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Pink Floyd (80’s)
Sound Garden
Pearl Jam
Chris Isaac
Van Halen (80’s)
The Offspring
The Cure (80’s)
Ratt (80’s)
and some various one hit wonders seen in clubs in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

Be on the look out for an update on Fat Cat. Right now, I am way exhausted, but will give you all an update later in the day.

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