30 Day Challenge: Day 25

30 day challenge
Day 25: Would you rather date someone plain with an amazing personality or someone beautiful with a plain personality?
I honestly go for the plain, with the amazing personality. I’m no trying to sound mean or against what is considered ‘beautiful’, but those who are, and know it, usually tend to be a bit shallow. I mean, come on, even in our 40’s and 50’s when all of us gather in a gaggle, we all turn in on this high school mentality again for some strange reason. ‘The cool kids’ whatnot.
I am no raving beauty, but I dont find myself ugly either. I’ve been told I am ‘humble’, and I am perfectly fine with that. I know my flaws, and I also know its in MY hands whether to change those flaws or not.
Some people who look or seem perfect are not. While on the outside, they are perfect and everyone wishes they were like them, on the inside that can be very ugly.
So, yes, give me a nice plain guy with an amazing personality any day. Looks fade. Personality is what matters. A persons personality only gets richer with time. Looks just leave and you get sagging and all those perfections erode away.

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