30 Day Challenge: Day 7

30 day challenge
Day 7: Do you read? What are your favorite books?
Of course I read. I read all kinds of things. News, though rarely, because it’s either frustrating or depressing, articles on various topics that interest me, research. For leisure I also read all kinds of things. FBI manuals, mental health books, self-help things. Nonfiction and fiction. Of course, the horror genre is my favorite. Vampires, werewolves, serial killers, thrillers, ghost stories, you name it. Like with my music, I cannot sit back and choose a favorite. I love works by Stephen King, Mira Grant, Edgar Allan Poe’s works, and I totally go fan girl over Eric R Lowther for some reason. I’ve only read two of his works, and just love them. Stephen Knight is good, too. I like comics and graphic novels. Have boxes of them. I don’t even bother with putting those on the bookcases. I bag and board them, then box them. The last two really good nonfiction works I sat down and read were on crime scene cleanup. Fascinating. I’m not currently reading anything at the moment, however. Insomnia is killing me, but my insomnia leaves my mind really cluttered. I can’t think on one thing too long, and can’t hold and grasp at what I read, so it’s difficult. And I’m still trying to write, and I’m falling short. ~whine whine whine~

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