A Life Update: Fat Cat, Vehicles and other things…

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Well, Fat Cat is currently at the vet. I am waiting for them to call. We’ve been forced to go the route of placing a feeding tube into her neck for me to feed her. She will still be able to eat like normal, but thus far she is refusing to eat. She is drinking plenty of water though.
All she wants to do is lay around and sleep. Especially in my bed. On my side. Where she then commences to pee the bed because she hurts to much to get out to go to the litter box. 😐
Honestly, I dont mind. I just want my cat. However, if this feeding tube doesnt help her, then we are out of options, and I am faced with having to let her go.
I can talk about this without crying today because my shrink has me nicely sedated. Hell, I slashed my leg open earlier. I dont even care.
Now, in other news…maybe its the depression, or maybe its my own way of not self mutilating the typical way…but…I got all my hair cut off. Its super short. I hate it. What was I thinking? I wasnt, thats what. I am so sad, I just did it on impulse. Everyone says it looks super cool and nice and all, but I like my hair long. Blah. I’ll take pictures soon, so you all can take a gander.
More news…I FINALLY got a new truck. Its the same as my old truck…lol. Same make and model, same color scheme. Just a few years newer. 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition. Avacodo Green, tan interior.
I took it for a test drive, and talked the price down by $3000.00. Not bad, huh? I put some money down on it today, but dont want payments, so I’ll go in next week and pay the balance and have my lovely truck.
Here’s a pic of it:
2015-08-21 11.45.40
I’m either going to put a three inch lift on it or a three inch suspension lift. The standard three inch lift is cheaper. There are no flaws in the interior, though it has leather, but I will cover them. I dont like leather interior. It has a DVD player and individual headphones for the back passengers. I really wont need that, but my last Expi had that too, so I guess its pretty standard.
There are a few differences between this Expi and my old one, and thats just because of the year differences. Things are more upgraded on this one, and I’ll just have to get used to the layout of things. However, it drives like a dream.
So now I’m just sitting here for news on Fat Cat and when I can go pick her up and bring her back home. I’ll probably give it another hour before I get all antsy and call to pester them. :[

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