Day 1 without Fat Cat

Fat Cat: The kitten years
So, yesterday I took a handful of my meds plus an extra dose of Ambien and called it a day at 3:30PM, only waking once in that time, which was more like zombie mode than anything.
I woke up at 4AM this morning. I felt hollowed out. Fat Cat wasnt in bed with me. She didnt come greet me. She didnt sit on my desk and tap my shoulder, face or brush her paw through my hair in a cute attempt to weasel me out of treats.
I didnt know what to do without myself. Sitting there crying was top of the list. But I had to physically be doing something.
So, I rearranged all my furniture here in my office, put away Fat Cats clothing and most prized toys. I called the Funeral Home that was handling her cremation to set an appointment to choose an urn or container for her ashes.
I went through all my pics of her on my PC and transferred my favorites onto a thumb drive…I’m planning on taking them to Walgreens and printing them out and framing them.
Some people think ‘All this for a cat’. ChesterAnn was no mere cat in my book. She was like my kid. In all actuality, my shrink had urged me to get her as a ‘therapy animal’. Who knew she would turn out to be more nuerotic than me…
I miss her so terribly. I am missing those little every day things.
AAANNDDD….now I am blubbering and snotting everywhere.
I suppose I should wrap up this depressing post for now.
No fear, I’m sure there are more to come! ~can feel your utter excitement~

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