Fat Cat Update :(

Well, things are not going well at all. 🙁
I was called by the vets office yesterday morning and told that Fat Cat wouldnt eat, and if she doesnt eat, she doesnt poo. She needs to poo.
They asked if I would come sit with her, hoping that maybe she’d perk up a little, and maybe eat for me. I took some of her favorite treats and food, because she is totally a fussy eater. I knew they wouldnt be feeding her anything she liked, they would be feeding her the post surgery nutrient rich chicken based wet food.
So I go in, and they escort me to the kennel she is in. As soon as she sees me she tries to come to the bars, meowing and crying.
My poor baby looks so bad. It was heartbreaking. Truly. I can see the noticable difference in her body where the mass and intestines were removed. She looked so small.
They opened her kennel up and let me sit with her, mindful of her IV. I couldnt hold her, but I loved on her every way I could. Pets, scritches, sweet soothing words.
I achieved getting her to eat about 6 of her treats. The nurse was just stunned. She called Fat Cat a brat. I recommended to the nurse to get Fat Cat a beef based wet food. Beef is all she will eat. She turns her nose up to anything else. And she prefer Friskies to anything, but the vet had some beef based nutrient wet food and brought it to her. She didnt eat it though.
She continued to let me coddle her. I noted to the nurse that one of the reasons Fat Cat probably wasnt using the bathroom at all was because they had a plastic litter box filled with shredded paper. Fat Cat took to sleeping it in rather than the soft bed they made her. I told the nurse its a ‘box’ thing. Fat Cat loves her some boxes. Also, there wasnt any litter…Fat Cat is probably confused by that, and I understand that with a belly full of stitches and an IV in her arm they dont want to use a clay litter. But Fat Cat is set in her ways.
She purred and dozed while I coddle her some more, and then she started getting fidgety. She stood up and moved around in the kennel (its pretty big) and started growling and whining. I know she is in so much pain. However, she moved to the soft bed from the box and peed on it. The nurse came in and I gently lifted Fat Cat out so the bedding could be changed, and the poor baby cried the whole time. No sooner had we got her settled back into the kennel, she moved to the fresh bedding and pawed at it and tried to poo. Now, this is going to be gross, but all that came out of her was a thick blood and ooze. It smelled horrid, but not like poo bad, it had a medical smell to it. It was nasty, and of course I was freaked out by this. Fat Cats entire back end is bloody, as she has been oozing this since the surgery. But the nurse assured me that this was a good thing, and the blood and stuff was normal. What was really good, was the fact that Fat Cat was pushing it out on her own. She was making an effort to poo. No food came out though, and they wont release her until she starts passing food waste.
Needless to say, after that, Fat Cat was very tired, and very grouchy. She crawled back in the box and lowly growled as I petted her a little longer, and then the nurse said she was going to administer a pain med and that I should probably go.
They are going to call me in the morning. The nurse said I would probably need to come sit with Fat Cat again, which of course not an issue at all. Thats my baby in there. I left her treats and her favorite food so they could try getting her to eat more of that if she turns her nose up at what they offer.
I’m going to bring her one of her favorite toys when I visit her. It smells of her, me and home. That should bring some comfort until she can come home.
Just seeing my babycat that way was just…heartbreaking.
Happy thoughts and love for the Fat Cat (I may have to give her a new nickname after this. 🙁   )

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