Tattered: A short story (RP Based)

This is a little short story involving Genesis, a character from The Road of Darkness. I write for her on my Roleplay site, and this particular piece just gave a little insight into what she was dealing with at a particular time.

She didn’t come home to roost in Sydney often, but this seemed like the best place to heal for a bit. She sat at the docks, watching the boats and ships come and go. Why? She wasn’t sure. Only days ago, this was the place she was handed divorce papers, had her meager personal belongings left on the pier and said goodbye to Silvas. Now he was off to who knows where.
She had taken her things to Headquarters, of course. And now, she simply had been roaming. She wasn’t that familiar with Sydney at all. She really enjoyed it, however. She liked the climate. The people were friendly.
She felt like she had no purpose at the moment, as she sat there in thought. The tattered edges of what made her a confident young woman pained her. Nothing like being left behind to make one feel threadbare. Her nerves were threadbare, her patience, her compassion, her drive. All threadbare. She wanted purpose again. She wanted to use those skills she was blessed with again.
Genesis pulled her SAT phone out, scrolling through the numbers. She didn’t know many of her crew-mates, but those she did, she felt she could talk to in confidence with. None seemed to be in Sydney at the moment, and she contemplated calling one of them, reaching out. But… if they weren’t in Sydney, they were probably tending to important matters. Genesis didn’t want to interrupt or intrude upon anyone.
She stared at Dexter’s number for a good bit though.
And then Addison’s.
She really didn’t want to turn to Addison. She was weird. Genesis didn’t feel like she could be trusted. She didn’t even like the woman being in Azhi. But such things weren’t her call. She had to trust in leadership in their decision on that one. Addison had a secret and Genesis knew it. She hadn’t shared it with anyone. She hoped Addison would do something stupid and reveal her little secret to everyone on her own.
The gulls pulled Genesis from her thoughts. The day was delightfully warm and sunny. It felt good against her skin. She had dressed appropriately for the day. Cargo shorts, tennis shoes, a tank top covered by a man’s business vest. It was a little big, but it hid her weapons. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail.
She got up from the little wooden bench overlooking the bay and went back to her exploring of this city. She talked to people here and there. She loved the Aussie accent. And they seemed to not mind her being an American. She had no discernable accent to pinpoint the area of the States she was from. She was just… her. Genesis.
She stopped at a few shops, just to browse more or less. A few grocery items were picked up.
Upon leaving one shop, the felt the temperature outside had dropped a little. The sun was beginning its descent. A good time to hunt.
Her unfamiliarity with this city was against her. But hunting in a strange place also had something to its flavor that was thrilling and intriguing. She would have to use her senses to the fullest.
Genesis allowed a small, yet sullen, smile to cross her lips. She turned and headed off in the direction of the not so touristy areas of the city, slinging her small bag over her shoulder. The weapons under her vest pressed against her sides lovingly. Look out, bad guys, little Genesis was in the hunt to spread some justice.

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