Camp NaNo…I’m writing, honest I am. I have other plans too.

Yanno what? NOTHING is coming to pass as it should be. ~cries~

Last week I had gone to my doctor for allergies. Well, that didnt bode well, as it all turned into a ginormous chest cold. So, I went back yersterday and am on so many codiene and codience related products, I can barely think straight.  A Spiriva. I havent been on that since I had come out of that coma a few years ago.

And I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Stephanie yesterday. We have had to rearrange this lunch date several times now. I really miss her face. ~WAILS~

So, I know I promised you all stories during Camp NaNo. I’ll try to make these something decent and coherent sounding.

Send me healthy vibes!!!! I TOTALLY hate being sick.

~wears a hazmat suit to cuddle and squish you all~

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