A Gaming Rant

To the Owners, Admins, Mods, and Players of some of the games I play…


Maybe a little harsh, I know. I mean, I honestly only am down to playing two games, and one I havent touched in ages. So that leaves one. >_>

In all my years of RP gaming I have found that they are allll alike. I’ve played plenty. Most all of them are still around, sucking in ‘new blood’ players to torment and make all as jaded as everyone else. The thing is, they are doing it on an Out of Character level. Its very disheartening. And disgusting. Cruel.

So, the current game I am playing, my characters crew is totally lacking in any leadership. No one is doing anything. I’ve been RPing with anyone I can to keep interest in the crew my characters are in.

So, my character made a mistake last week. I’ve been working my ass off, it was an oversight on my part in relation to the crew, and someone else paid the price. However, the way Admin, Owners and everyone else cheats in this game to suit their needs, I dont see why it cant be fixed. NNnnnOOO….I totally got reamed by my characters absentee leader for it. It should have been handled better. There was no need to get crude with me, or my character. I am still scratching my head on who he was talking to me as…In Character or Out of Character. Regardless, I went on the defensive, while still owning up to my mistake.

Again, this little mishap can be fixed.

I swear people in these RP games just want to belittle people and make them feel insignificant. I have had both of my character in that crew working hard, earning to the crew, and writing.

So I’ve pretty much decided that I am going to give that game up. I just have to figure out how to get my cash back on things I’ve bought with real money.

I started thinking about going back to the old game. I logged into my messenger for the character and was not enthuastic at all. I still havent even logged into my character, or the RP forum.

I should probably give up this sort of online gaming completely. I loved it because it allowed me to write new stories any time I wanted to, evolving my character and whatnot. But the crossing between the in character and out of character is just too large in these games.

I dont know what I’ll do without the outlet though. I have a very specific sort of RP gaming that I like. I’ve tried other sorts, but have only found a few that suit me.


People. They ruin everything.

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