November 2016 Day 7


I have no NaNoWriMo updated word count as of yet. Come on, its only 10am and I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far. Baby steps. I decided to get my blog updated before NaNo’ing.

Todays blog prompt for the BlogHer NaBloPoMo is:

Nov. 7: What was your worst Thanksgiving food fail?


Lawdy…my first Thanksgiving with my husband. Thankfully, we had no guests and it was just he and I. I could have unwittingly poisoned people.

You see, I am one of those people. You know, they ones who open something and directly throw the instructions or directions in the trash only to scramble 10 minutes later digging through the trash for what I’ve thrown away… yeah…me all the way.

So, I dont know if I didnt cook the turkey at the right tempurature, long enough, or what…but the outside was pretty well charred in some spots, and the inside was still fleshy pink. We didnt find that out until we cut int0 it a little deeper. The outer regions looked and tasted well enough.

My clover yeast rolls were great, the green bean casserole wonderful. My pumpkin pie was awesome.

My apple pie? ~cries~ I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong there. It couldnt even be classified as an apple pie. And what is so strange, is that usually I make really good apple pies. I chalk it up to not being fully awake. Yes, thats my story, I’m sticking to it.

Now-days, we dont do turkey on Thanksgiving. ~gasps~ Really, I dont like turkey. I do ham. Ham and all the regular fixings. I make a dressing, rolls, cranberry sauce, potatoes. I no longer make apple pies, but instead, double layer pumpkin cheesecake. And a pumpkin spice cake with a drizzle sauce that is to die for.

Well, that is the story of my worst Thanksgiving fail, and my tendancy to throw away directions then digging through the garbage like a mad woman.

With the daughter grown and all, I dont make a fuss out of the holidays anymore. I really dont. Too much work, too much clean up and then too many left overs that completely go to waste.

Except for the double layer pumpkin cheesecake. That baby lasts 2 days, tops. ~snickers~

Be sweet, my lovelies!

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