Hard pressed goal reached…


So, I managed to complete Camp NaNoWriMo.

Let me tell you, it was a task. Crazy head full of ideas, but getting them out of the head and on to the page was an entirely other matter.

I managed.

In other news, well, there isnt much other news. Not at the time. Things are just ambling along at a snails pace. I find myself flip flopping on what I want to do at any given time.

I have made some purchases for myself lately, however. Mostly books…whodathunkit?

I did managed to find this ADORABLE trinket box that looks like an old fashioned tyepwriter. I’ll snaps some pics when it comes in. I also found a coaster set that looks like an old timey typewriter as well.

I love the look of old time typewriters, but honestly, I wouldnt want one. I wouldnt use it. I love my PC and laptops. Besides, if I ever get that craving some writers do to hear the clickity clack and dings of a real typewriter, I have a program for that. Sometimes I turn it on when writing. Only thing is, I forget to turn it off and striking any key will clank, and its worse when I put my headphones on. Yeah, it can be loud.

The kittehs are all doing well. Terrible as always. The daughter is doing well, too. Also terrible.

I had lunch last week with my lovely friend Stephanie down in Dothan. It was great, and getting out of my safety zone and talking with someone face to face was so nice. I had been feeling burdened, or low, and that perked me right up.

Well, off for now. This Alabama heat is killing me. It wouldnt be so bad if it werent so humid!

Love and squishes my dears!

Blech. July


So, the month of July has not been kind to me at all.

I’m feeling bummed and depressed, but I’ve had a recent change in anti-depressants, so thats expected. Still getting used to them.

But, nothing seems to being going as planned. I’m irritable and moody and by no way a joy to be around in any way, shape or form.

Maybe because I am turning another year older? I dont think thats it. The though doesnt really bother me.

I know I am cranky with the people in this house. Not really my kid. She’s been good, and since getting her own employment back, her mood had raised significantly.

The cats are all doing well. One thing that will bum me out next month, is that it will mark a year since Fat Cats passing. I know I will be a wreck.

But why am I so pissy now other than having to deal with one other human who does need to be punched in the throat but I dont wanna go to jail. Why should I let this prick irritate me so much? Blech.

We’ve had daily storms here, which I DO find soothing, but they make it dreadful out when the sun comes back out. It turns this place into a steambath. But, for the most part, I keep my butt indoors.

I have been writing, but its really been sub-par, and my word counts arent reaching my daily goals. I am falling short. That makes me sad. I am trying to find motivation and a kick to the pants. With Camp NaNo, I just feeling like I’m falling behind. Total suckage.

I am seeing no bright sides lately. Thats bad.

Maybe I need more cats.

My summer vacation…


Well, I know I just sort of disappeared and fell off the Earth.

So, where did I go and what have I been doing?

First, I’m sad the Zombie Apocalypse hasn’t happened yet. I’M WAITING!!

My moms and pops traveled all the way up here to sunny, hot and humid Southern Alabama from Guatemala to take care of some important things, such as social security, banking, and renewing their retiree military IDs.
While here, my aunt also came into town, along with her hubby and one of my cousins.

We all had a great time. Can we say POOL PARTIES!!! And, it was my moms birthday while they were here, so that was another celebration!

It was a really great time, and an escape I needed.

I also got myself a gym membership! I adore Planet Fitness.

With all the fun in the sun however, I managed to get myself a bit of sun poisoning. It wasnt too bad, but annoying nonetheless.

My sister also came to visit. We always have a great time when she’s here.

My bestie (LP) and I are plotting world domination…I mean planning on her coming to visit me over here on this side of the States. Beware all.

I managed to catch a cold somehow, and was miserable for a week. Blah. Still recovering.

My furbabies are all doing great. All happy cats.

My daughter is doing AWESOME! She found herself the most AWESOMEST JOB EVER!! She is still doing all her normal paralegal stuff, but she works from home, making a buttload of money. She has only been with the Firm about 3 weeks, but they love her, and she has proven to be a perfect fit. Maybe she will look towards actually going to law school beyond her paralegal degree. A mom can hope.

So, July marks the starts of another Camp NaNoWriMo, and I’ve set myself at a pretty low word count. Short stories once again, sort of like dipping my toes into the waters once again.

I have been sharing some of my ~ahem~ smut stories with a fellow writer friend in my local area. She shared some of hers with me as well. She likes what I’ve got and wants to see more, so that is motivating me quite a bit to publish some of the 13 erotica novels I have, after getting them edited and getting cover designs. My erotica collection will be E-Book only.

November I plan to get back to my roots on the original task of finishing up the continuation of my first published novel. It seems intimidating right now. GRAH.

In my gaming and role play world, I have gone back to my original game, sort of testing the waters there to bring my character back into society once again. And in the other, well, today, actually, I had planned on bringing those characters out of their self-imposed exiles. So, writing will be had, and maybe even a character death. GASP!

How have you all been?? Send me comments, email, what have you…I know its only the 1st of July, but how has everyone been??

Oh, yeah…my broken foot is finally healed…I think…haha. I mean, I havent done anything to break it further. YAY!

The kids

2016-04-25 15.08.232016-06-27 16.47.36

Also, let me give a shout out to Patricia, who once again has lifted my spirits by sending me a little care package of loot! LOVE ALL THE STUFF!❤

Camp NaNo April 2016


I managed to beat my own goal by doubling it. That was certainly a surprise.

Maybe I will use the same tactic in July’s Camp NaNo.



Camp NaNo…I’m writing, honest I am. I have other plans too.

Yanno what? NOTHING is coming to pass as it should be. ~cries~

Last week I had gone to my doctor for allergies. Well, that didnt bode well, as it all turned into a ginormous chest cold. So, I went back yersterday and am on so many codiene and codience related products, I can barely think straight.  A Spiriva. I havent been on that since I had come out of that coma a few years ago.

And I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Stephanie yesterday. We have had to rearrange this lunch date several times now. I really miss her face. ~WAILS~

So, I know I promised you all stories during Camp NaNo. I’ll try to make these something decent and coherent sounding.

Send me healthy vibes!!!! I TOTALLY hate being sick.

~wears a hazmat suit to cuddle and squish you all~

Camp NaNo 2016


It’s that time of year again! Camp NaNoWriMo 2016, the first of two.

This Camp I have set a really small word goal…15,000 words. I am going to focus on short stories, the theme being supernatural and horror. I plan on posting what I write up daily here to the blog, so keep an eye out! Hopefully I’ll manage some pretty entertaining things.

In other news…Quinn is adapting to her new home here. She gets along really well with Jeffrey Jones, but, Jeffrey is a pretty chill sort of guy. Things with BaxterMarie can get a little tense, however. There was a lot of poofing and hissing and growling going on, but that has eased up. Baxter is TRYING to make friends, but Quinn is still a little iffy and tends to hiss and retreat.

Oh…remember I broke my foot? I did it again. I swear, my poor foot is going to fall off at some point. I went to see my doctor and she looked at it, said I should probably go back to the bone and joint specialist again for possible surgery. I told her I thought the specialist was a quack. Nice guy and all…but a quack.

The daughter demon spawn of mine is doing well. She has discovered yoga and loves it. She goes to a non profit (they take donations and she is out of a job currently) place and really enjoys it. She even dragged her father creature with her. I guess he thought it was okay, but he hasnt gone back…lol. ME? NOPE.

GOOD NEWS! My mommy  and daddy are coming up from Guatemala for a little visit. Its time for them to renew their (retiree) military IDs and they want to get a few legal things taken care of. My dad is going to go see his family up north, too, while my mom gets fought over between me and my older sister…lol. All in all, its going to be nice.

So, thats the dealio. Look out for some short stories coming in April. I’ll probably do the same thing again for the July Camp NaNo, though with a higher daily word count.

~hugs and squishes and hairballs~

Help Me! Become a NaNoWriMo Sponsor! Donate!

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Howdy my Darlings!

This year I am working as a Municipal Liason on NaNoWriMo. I would love for you all to clicky the link above and give whatever you’d like or can!

As you all know, NaNo is a project dear to me, I love participating and I love rallying the others.

I plan on attending The “Night of Writing Dangerously” in San Fransico, however, this also depends on the help of you all. I must raise enough through fundraising to ensure my seat!!

The Deadline for this fundraiser is August 31. I know, I know…not a lot of time. But please, any little bit will help and ensure my spot.

There is a static page for this on http://zoeambler.com for those who wish to donate later, or multiple times!

Love you, my darlings!

Hunger: A short story

This was a first sentence starter. I’m not too thrilled with it. It seems to meander and go no where, and lacks any real imagination in my opinion. Perhaps someday I will revisit it and give it a revision, or total re-write.

He knew he was in trouble the moment he walked in the door. His wife stood there, arms crossed. She wanted to know where he had been. He wouldn’t lie to her. She would know. She knew him all too well.
He opened mouth to speak. She immediately stepped forward, slapping him hard across the face before he could even get any words out.
That was her mistake. She should have just went with the flow. He’d never harmed her. Even when she found out his secret, he’d never harmed her, always keeping her away from it. Yes, they moved around a lot, and she hated it, but he kept her hands cleaned.
Things escalated quickly. She should have just let well enough alone. Why couldn’t she just do that? She had indulged him in his activities for so long now. Yes, they angered her, but she left him to it. She should have just kept silent, kept her hands to herself, and let it go, cooling down for a few days. Erupting like that after the night he’d had was a monumental mistake.
After she had struck him, he stopped being himself. He let the ‘other’ surface.
When he came to from his blackout again, there he was, disposing of another body. At first he hadn’t realized it was his own wife, but her wedding band had fallen off. He wanted to cry for her. He couldn’t. She had brought this on herself. She knew he held a monster inside that woke from time to time, and it had a need. He had fed that need. And now, so had she.

Demons Delight: A short story

This is from a 3 word prompt. The 3 words being:
1. zephyr
2. touch
3. Face

The zephyr of warm air washed over his face, giving him pause to smile. It felt wonderful. Life was good. It could only get better from here.
That is, if his flock never discovered his secret. Such a primal beast he was. A devil, a demon, from what books would describe.
He had learned to blend in. Look and act human. His base instincts were still there, but he taught himself control.
There, in the labyrinth of tunnels in the city, the homeless, runaways, the discarded humans seemed to accept him as one of their own.
He started providing for them. They needed food and water. He provided those things.
Of course, you couldn’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. He used this new community he had integrated himself into. He stole from those he killed. In turn, he pawned the items for money. He needed to be able to blend in with the world above, as well as below. He had to look respectable by society’s standards.
He tried not to harm those under his care. He hunted those above ground instead. The wealthy. He did so in a way that the police would not give much thought to.
As he sat around the fire one night, a small human child came to him, sitting on his lap. She placed her hand on his face. A soft touch. The gentle touch of a defenseless child.
He smiled to her, pulling a piece of meat from the makeshift spit, blowing on it lightly to cool it before handing it to the little one.
He was making a race of cannibals. They didn’t need to know that.
They just needed to look into his face and see their god.

The Price: A short story

This is from a 3 word prompt. Yes, it may seem familiar. It is based on a scene from the movie ‘Practical Magic’, however, it is very different, and goes quite a bit more into depth on things.

So, the 3 words are:

1. start
2. trick
3. Jump

She looked at the time, and then her eyes moved over to the woman sitting across from her. “The sun is just below the horizon, the moon is ascending. It’s a good time to get to start, if you’re ready…” She said to the elder woman. She wasn’t much older than herself, maybe 10 years at most. She supposed maybe that was a decent age difference. Did the woman feel comfortable coming to someone younger than herself? Wow…that was kind of stupid. This woman probably wasn’t comfortable coming to her at all.
Circumstance brought her here however. A pain. An ache.
She stood, looking to the woman who had set her tea cup down on the coffee table. “Come with me ma’am.” She said softly. The woman stood and followed, out into the greenhouse.
She went to gather materials. The elder woman looked around in wonder. There were several songbirds hanging from dainty little cages and various glass aquariums containing fish, snake, frogs and reptiles.
And the plants! So many varieties. All in good health, and the blooming blossoms so fragrant in the air.
“Ma’am, if you would?” She said softly. In one hand she held a bowl of blossoms, leaves and soil. In the other, one of the bird cages containing a dove.
The trick of this all was to use everything fresh. Dried ingredients just were not as potent. Too many made that mistake.
The woman was sitting on a wicker loveseat, part of a patio set. Before her was a coffee table that had a sheet laid over it. A steaming tea pot and a cup also sat there.
She brought everything to the woman, placing the birdcage down and grabbing hold of the teapot. She placing in the blossoms, dirt and other various items, rubbing them through her hands as she placed them in the boiling water.
The woman watched intently. She didn’t hide her dislike of the younger woman, but the need for her services outweighed everything at the moment.
She couldn’t help but notice this. She could feel it. She gave an internal shrug. The woman was paying her, and paying her good. They all did.
“I need for you to drink this, please. The full cup.” She said to the woman, pouring her the content of the steeping teapot. The woman gave a disgusted looked. That wasn’t ‘tea’. It had dirt in it. And who knows what else.
She needed this though. She did as told, chugging the hot liquid back. As she did this, the younger woman reached into the birdcage and took hold of the dove.
“Now, say out loud what you wish for and then plunge this needle into the dove’s heart.”
The elder woman’s hands were shaking. She took the needle and nodded.
“I don’t want to love him anymore. I don’t want him to love me. I don’t want anyone to ever love him again.”
She forced the needle into the breast of the dove, piercing its heart. Its feathers flapped and it made a bit of noise, giving the woman pause to jump back in her seat. Then the bird seemed to drift off and die.
The woman looked to her questioningly.
“It’s done. Now, take this bird home and bury it in the Southeast corner of your garden.” She instructed.
Near the brink of tears, the woman nodded, wrapping the bird up in a cloth provided as she slipped a wad of money out, tossing it onto the table. She said nothing more. No thanks. No show of gratitude.
What the elder woman didn’t know, or didn’t understand, was that there was a price to be paid that went far beyond mortal currency. She would get what she asked for, however, this man would live a full happy life in his solitude. He would enjoy it, rejoice in it. The woman however, would find no other love at all in her life. She would compare all other men to him, though she would not feel love for him. Or anyone, ever again. She would die alone and miserable and a far younger age had she not brought this upon herself.
She showed the elder woman out, returning to her greenhouse to clean up. She placed the wad of money in her pocket.
Tomorrow night would bring someone else to her door for a spell, hex or curse.