Snail Mail Movement


So, I am laid up with a broken and fractured foot, the weather is either hot and humid with the random tornado, or freezing cold. Its all Patricias fault.

And speaking of my dear friend, it got me thinking. I really do get tired of staring at this computer screen day in and day out. Sure, email is quick and easy.

But actual letter writing is a dying artform. I write back and forth with Patricia through both email and snail mail. I love the snail mail. I get cute cards and pretty stationary. Yes, my handwriting is comparable with that of a serial killer, but hey, its the thought that counts.

So, as a request to you lovely  followers, in my time of healing, I was wondering if any of you would also like to be snail mail buddies? Please?

If interested, and to keep your privacy, you can email me your address or PO Box. My address is listed on my contact page. Yes, I court stalkers, I know.

So help a girl on the mend and keep me from going batshit crazy staring out of this window or at this computer. Send me letters! Send me cards! Send me drawings! Just dont send me body parts or bombs. 😛  .lol.

Now, on to the healing part. 3 weeks in the boot. Three weeks of not being able to get up and get my own coffee or food or move comfortably.

BaxterMarie thinks my boot is her own personal scratching post. Jeffrey Jones does care one way or another. He doesnt even get out of my way when he see me hobbling along. He wants me dead, I know it.

On to something altogether different – music. I have been listening to Disturbs cover of The Sound of Silence on a loop. I LOVE this cover. David Draimans voice is so beautifully powerful. I was really surprised they covered this song.

Another musician that has a powerfully wide range to his vocals is Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour. He can woo you with melodies and scream your head off. Its magical.

Movies – I have been watching movies. Both new and old. I had never seen Ravenous. Very good. I cant believe it took me this many years to sit down and watch it. Sometimes I get on a particular actor or actress binge. But my fall back is always horror and psychological thrillers. I dont really have any particual movie I want to rave about at the moment, but I’m sure in the next few weeks I’ll start posting up some movie reviews.

The Role Play world is touch and go. I quit one game altogether due to bullshit. The remaining game I play is touchy at the moment. There is apparantly a bit of out of character drama going on behind the scenes moving long time players to leave the game. Sadness. My characters are going strong, however.

So, when I go see the doctor, we’ll see how the broken bone and two fractures are healing. He wasnt too concerned with the fractures, but the broken bone seemed to worry him. He said there is a possibility that surgery may be required if it doesnt heal right in the boot. YAY…Stuck in a boot or cast even longer. GGRRAAHHH.

Okay my sweetling, I’m off for now.

~hugs and squishes~

PS: Send me some mail!!! <3

The Boot. An update…

2016-01-25 11.27.402016-01-25 11.27.552016-01-25 11.28.10
So, since my last post, I’ve been to the bone specialist. Come to find out, I have not only fractured two bones in my foot, but I have broken another one as well.

So I have been BOOTED. UGH. This thing is a monstousity. Granted, I chose it over getting an uncomfortable cast that I wouldnt be able to take off for bed or bath.

Walking in this thing is something I dont recomment. I have nearly doubled my bodily injury since getting it put on this morning.

So, while I am convelsing, I had to decide what to do with my time while I get waited on by my lovely child. NOT. I really have just put a bunch of snacks and drinks in here in my office. The only challenge is potty time…lol.

I have broken out my stress relieving coloring books! I am also writing a little more, but mostly for my RP games.

Lookit my colors!!

2016-01-25 12.17.122016-01-25 12.17.19

So, I’m going to go color some more now. I’ll likely be blogging really weird things when the pain killers kick in. 😛

~hugs and squishes~

Another NaNo Down


Another year of NaNoWriMo is down. I went well above my 50,000 goal for an nice 64,100 words.
Now, the hard part starts. The rewriting and editing. Blah.
I have to admit, I do not have the same enthusiasm for Book Two, tentatively titled The Path of Redemption, as I did for the first book.
I need cheerleaders, people. Patricia doesnt count. >_> She is biased. <3 you, girl!
I have a new laptop thanks to my mother, since old one is really old and stupid. I couldnt even get chrome to open half the time. Dont get me wrong, it was a great laptop, back when it was new, years and years ago. I wont get rid of it. It will make a handy spare, and well, right now, until my daughter gets a new processor for her PC, she is using my old laptop for her school work and watching Netflix and stuff. She just plugs the HDMI into her TV and uses her wireless mouse and keyboard. So, old laptop isnt going to waste.
These two cats are an unending source of comedy. Right at this moment, I am in the middle of a Matrix/Inception style of fight between them.
I had plan to travel, but they got cancelled, and I’m not going to New Orleans this Christmas, so I set up a cheesy little Christmas tree so the daughter is entertained. She is going to hate me when she gets her ‘gag gift’. Well, the gift inside is real, its just GETTING TO the gift that is the gag. Yes, I’m evil and demented and have all year to think of weird ways to make other peoples little moments in time pure hell.
Well, I’ve got a plate of hot wings and pub chips calling my name.
~love and squishes my darlings~


Yes, today was a success. I adulted perfectly, even after having a few beers to loosen me up.

The dinner was great. A restaurant I have never been to, but then, from what I hear its only been open a month or so. I was surprised it wasnt more crowded, but then again, here in the South the big Sunday dinner cooked by Momma’s and NaNa’s still reigns supreme.

The restaurant was like any other steak house these days. Peanuts that you just shell and chuck on the floor, big flat screen TVs set up everywhere playing all the sports.

The food was beyond my expectations however. I had beef tips, medium rare, with mushrooms and onion in gravy with seasoned rice and buttered corn. I also tossed in a few gator jalapeno bites with that. Sassy.

The Corona Extra was nice and cold, my limes fat and my salt…well…salty.

My dinner company was great and we all had a good time.

I since I looked like a girl today, I snapped some pictures of myself…I need to update my pages on here, since Zoe is no longer the lovely Purple Tressed Zombie Goddess that I once was. 

My niece, by the way, told me I now look like Cruella Deville.


zoeshorthair2 zoeshorthair3
I LOOK HORRIBLE WITH SHORT HAIR!!! ~wails and snots everywhere.~

Well, tonight is a shorty, because I have to actually go to bed with the help of some Ambien. I get my lift kit put opn my truck tomorrow. ~grins with glee~

See you later, my darlings!

PS: Which pic should I use on my static pages??

Help Me! Become a NaNoWriMo Sponsor! Donate!

[  ^clickable link ^  ]

Howdy my Darlings!

This year I am working as a Municipal Liason on NaNoWriMo. I would love for you all to clicky the link above and give whatever you’d like or can!

As you all know, NaNo is a project dear to me, I love participating and I love rallying the others.

I plan on attending The “Night of Writing Dangerously” in San Fransico, however, this also depends on the help of you all. I must raise enough through fundraising to ensure my seat!!

The Deadline for this fundraiser is August 31. I know, I know…not a lot of time. But please, any little bit will help and ensure my spot.

There is a static page for this on for those who wish to donate later, or multiple times!

Love you, my darlings!

Test driving Windows10…hhmm…


So, I’ve decided to give the new Windows 10 a test drive on my laptop before I put it on my precious rig.

So far, I’m really unsure. I’ve spent the night/morning (its 3am right now) cruising around the features of Windows 10.

There are pro’s and con’s.

I am really thinking of rolling it back to my beloved Windows 7 though. It allows you a 30 day grace period to roll back without affecting anything. Very considerate of them.

I dont like the look of the window boxes at all. The tiles on the start menu are neat, but I’ve found I’ve unpinned most of them, so why bother?

I’ve been using Windows 7 since it was released on both my laptop and my rig. I think I’m die hard for it, but, I will keep playing with 10 on the lappy to see if I warm up to it. I’ll give it maybe two weeks?

I’ve been reading every available article I can find on Windows 10, seeing what other people have to say about it, as well as tips, tricks and tweaks people have discovered.

I know Windows 7 inside out.


But…I’ll suck it up and give 10 a shot at least as a test drive.

Anyone else toying with it?

Any thoughts?

I’d love to hear what you all think, if your giving it a try, or if not, what your reasons are for sticking with your current OS.

Hello lovelies!!

Hello my darlings!
I’m sorry to report that I have no short stories to share tonight. Someone dear to me had to go to the emergency room today and needs emergency surgery first thing in the morning, and I will be there.
Hopefully I’ll be able to jot some things down, maybe even produce a short story or two for tomorrow night.
Many thanks to all of you who have been reading my little stories, liking and sharing them. More to come, I promise!
Goodnight my lovelies!

Being Me: A short story (non-fiction)

This is from a three word prompt, however, it is a very personal piece. Its not fiction. These words hold truth, painful as it is.
The three words of the promp are:
1. degree
2. needle
3. Shoe


What kinds of things go through the mind of a mentally unstable person? A lot, I can tell you that. Some of it is deep, thoughtful and profound things. Other thoughts hold a degree of pure insanity.
The world is skewed to us blessed nutcases. We can see the whole wide world through the eye of a needle. We can hear music when there is none. We make our own.
We think and do what most would never do, especially in public. Sometimes we are shy, we don’t leave out protective cocoon. Other times, we are blatantly there, like me with my neon green watchband and shoelaces.
We feel things so differently as well. Torrential highs, and despairing lows.
Some of us find pleasure, or even release, in slicing a cool blade through our flesh, just to see the crimson pool and feel that little sting as the open wound hits the air.
Drugs. Not the bad kind. Or maybe they are. So many prescriptions. Cereal bowl in morning, cereal bowl at night.
One to shut out the voices, one to calm the heart, one to calm the nerves, one to dull the senses, one to keep you from ripping yourself apart. One to help you sleep. One to keep the dreams and nightmares at bay.
One to make you resemble a person, when really, you’re not.
I have the scars, I have the pills.
Still I have the fears and anxiety and depression and rage.
I’ll be the death of me sooner or later.

And the fun never stops…

The following photos are of my truck. I loved my truck dearly. Rest assured, I am fine!! Just to be clear.
My poor truck is totalled though. The back tires were balding, and it had rained and the truck hydroplaned, hit a curb and flipped.
Thankfully I keep full coverage, and I will be able to find a replacement. But, yanno how you have that vehicle that just instantly fit you? Thats what I had with my Beast.
RIP my big green beast.
2015-07-01 22.21.43
2015-07-01 22.22.04 2015-07-01 22.22.25 2015-07-01 22.24.34 2015-07-01 22.30.41 2015-07-01 22.33.42 2015-07-01 22.34.41 2015-07-01 22.34.55 2015-07-01 22.35.15 2015-07-01 22.36.05 2015-07-01 22.36.09 2015-07-01 22.37.34 2015-07-01 22.39.23 2015-07-01 22.39.30 2015-07-01 22.39.36 2015-07-01 22.39.41 2015-07-01 22.39.56

Hittin’ the ground runnin’…

 camp nano july

AAANNNDDDD…..I’m back again.

Sorry for the dissappearance folks. I truly am.

Life gets in the way, as we all know.

There have been tragedies and heartbreak. Joys and sorrows. Hello’s and good-byes.

It had really taken a toll on me.

But I’ve put on my big girl pants and decided enough is enough. Its time to reconnect with the world and get back to it.

So in light of that, I’ve joined in on Camp NaNoWriMo again. I’ve decided my daily word count will be floating, as I intent to compile short stories, which I will post here, to get my head back in the game.

Fat Cat misses you all. She sends her regards from a well worn Amazon shipping box that a lovely friend provided her via a gift card to me. You know who you are sweetie. Fat Cat is thoroughly enjoying the box and said she plans on sending you secret messeges. 😉

Along with my writings, I may vent a little here and there. There are questions in life that the answers just seem out of my grasp, but I know others have experienced things I have not, and could provide those answers I seek.

So, we will kick off this day with a positive note.

Also, we will kick it off with an ever so sexy photo of Fat Cat.