Sick mama, sick fur-babies…

sick kitty 2

Howdy All…

I’d love to be able to tell you all is right in the world in Zoe-Land, but alas, it is not.

I was taken down by a terrible stomach/intestinal flu for the last few days. Today is the first day I have felt remotely like myself. It was horrible though. Absolutely horrible.

On top of that, three out of six of my kitty cats are sick with upper-respiratory infections. Quinn and Baxter are doing alright, but Spencer, my baby, isn’t doing that great. He had a trip to the vet yesterday for some steroids, antibiotics, eye drops and a ‘Camel Hump’ (IV solution placed sub dermally at between the shoulder and neck area to keep the baby hydrated). He is not eating, drinking or using the litter.

Today I found the poor little man laboring by breathing out of his mouth and drooling horribly, so back to the vet he went. Thankfully, it’s nothing as alarming as my heart and head seemed to make it. He has developed a sore in his mouth, hence the drooling, and he simply can’t breathe from his little nose being stopped up, so that’s why he is breathing through his mouth. The vet said to continue with the daily anti-biotic, try to temp him to eat some soft food or tuna that has been heated in the microwave just enough to make it stinky (if a cat can’t smell it, they won’t eat it) and keep watch over him.

Jeffrey has the sneezes, but he also has allergies, so that may be his reason for sneezing. He isn’t showing any other signs of being sick. He is grumpier than usual though. Sid and Seifer are just fine, however. We are attributing their good health to the fact that they are used to being outdoors, and have heartier immune systems.

Yesterday marked the midway point for NaNoWriMo. I am working really well on my writing, my word count grows every day. I will surpass the 50k mark well before the 30th.

On a more depressing note, as a Municipal Liaison, attendance at the libraries this year is nearly none existent. In the whole month, I have had one participant show for an event. I did note, however, that participation in my entire region is way down from previous years. People who have not participated in the group Write-Ins, but still wrote from home or work, updating their word counts, are not even participating in writing at all this year. Donations are way down. I had a long talk with the library director this evening about it, and he said numbers for their events are way down as well.

I have to mention here, that working with both the director and event planner here at the county libraries (this county has like 5 libraries) has been wonderful. These guys are so accommodating. They have helped me since day one of being a Municipal Liaison 3 years ago.

We are sort of chalking up everything to being ‘2017, the bad year for everything possible’.

Gaming news…there really isn’t any. I have been avoiding my game for the most part because I tend to lose too much focus on NaNoWriMo when I try to do both, as they are both writing based. My little character is slumbering with her hubby, being quiet for once.

Well, that’s our little game of catch up for now. I’ll try not to take so long before my next post, and will keep updates on Spencer.

Be sweet, my lovelies ~

A Bad Day…


Well, this will be a short post. Just an update on my dreadful day.
We started with excruciating pain in the damaged nerves of my lower spine. It was like someone was plucking each one of them, and it reverberated all the way up my spine and down my left leg. It caused a jerking action, like I was having a seizure. I took my hydrocodone and my anti-inflamitories and relaxers. No relief. And I didn’t want to over medicate myself, because I am still fighting a cold.
So I tried to sleep through it.
Late morning everyone, including myself, gets up because it’s blazingly hot in the house. The thermostat was set at 65, the temp was 90, and it was 97 outside. My house turned into a sauna. So we get the heating/cooling people out. He does a quick fix to get us through the night, but has to come back in the morning to replace 2 parts.
So…that was my day.
And it is 9:30 and I’ve had no dinner yet…add to cranky factor.

I hope you all had a much better day than myself, and here to tomorrow being better!
Be sweet, my darlings!



Camp NaNo…I’m writing, honest I am. I have other plans too.

Yanno what? NOTHING is coming to pass as it should be. ~cries~

Last week I had gone to my doctor for allergies. Well, that didnt bode well, as it all turned into a ginormous chest cold. So, I went back yersterday and am on so many codiene and codience related products, I can barely think straight.  A Spiriva. I havent been on that since I had come out of that coma a few years ago.

And I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Stephanie yesterday. We have had to rearrange this lunch date several times now. I really miss her face. ~WAILS~

So, I know I promised you all stories during Camp NaNo. I’ll try to make these something decent and coherent sounding.

Send me healthy vibes!!!! I TOTALLY hate being sick.

~wears a hazmat suit to cuddle and squish you all~

Kitty Cat Update

Well, this weekend has not faired well for the felines in this household.
As you know, Fat Cat had to be taken to the vet this past Monday. She improved for…one night…then it was back downhill.
And Little Man Jeffrey gave us all a fright as well.
I noticed Fat Cat being lethargic again, and kind of whiny. And then as I was cuddling Little Man Jeffrey early Friday evening, I noticed two lumps on his neck. One was more pronounced than the other. Between the two kitties, we were beside ourselves, so my daughter hunted down a veternary clinic that has emergency hours. Granted, it was an hour long trip, and Fat Cat does not travel well at all, and the Pet ER was OUTRAGIOUSLY expensive…but…worth it.
Little Man Jeffrey had a fever, so they worked on him first. Those lumps were an abscess. They gave him a fever reducer, pain shot, anti-biotics and then they lanced the abscess. Close to 200bux for all that. And the daughter has to pick open the mark from the lance and squeeze more of the puss out when she can until it goes away completely. 
One side is already gone, the other is still puffy and needs to be drained throughout the day.
Fat Cat is another story. X-rays were done and they found a really huge impaction in her upper intestines. This ER wanted to either just give her laxatives, or go in guns blazing with scalpals…it would have cost between 1800 – 2200bux. I kindly asked for a sedative and pain reliever to be administered, and a copy of the X-Rays.
So come Saturday morning, Fat Cat and I are waiting outside our regular vets office. The doctor takes us right away and looks over everything. He can do anything needed for under 500 bux. He sedated her, shaved her, then ran a tube into her intestines to try to break up the impaction and massage it out.
Then he felt something hard and round.
He called and asked permission to go in scalpals blazing, which, of course I said yes.
He had to cut out 4 inches of intestine, clean out a huge mass of hair and food that had solidified somewhat, and then he found that round mass. At first he thought it was a tumor, so he took his scalpal to it. It was hair and food, so rock hard, that it was blocking the valve in her intestines not letting anything at all pass.
Also, part of what he had cut out was scarred tissue. We put our heads together and deducted that when that dog bit her in her belly last year, he did more internal damage than anyone imagined.
So, he’s not expecting to releasse Fat Cat on Tuesday, at the latest.
I miss her so much. She has such a comforting presence for me.
Also, this is the first time she has ever slept away from home. Its one thing for me to go off for a weekend, but poor Fat Cat has never been out of her element, surrounded by strange smells and other animal scents. I’m sure, well, if she wasnt totally doped out of her mind right now, that she would be feeling so much anxiety being separated from her home comforts.
The doc is going to call me in a few hours. Yes, its 4:45AM…I havent slept since Thursday night, and even that was just a few hours.
I tried to catch a nap today, but Little Man Jeffrey had other plans involving his little claws and my little toes.
Think happy thoughts for my Fat Cat!!! <3

I have the Ick…

I feel absolutely dreadful.
Now, I’m no wimp or wuss when it comes to getting sick. I mean, I survive having COPD and had a nice two week coma once, and didnt complain at all. >_>
I have one weakness, however.
Stomach aches.
Give me blinding migraines, give me pnuemonia, give me flesh eating bacteria.
But dont give me a stomach ache.
I can not handle.
Around 4am my stomach started feeling a little queazy. I tried to go lay down, I figured I would try to sleep it off.
Body said “NOPE!”
Every slightest move makes me want to hurl. I have taken Pepto. I have been drinking caffiene free (~GASPS~) peppermint tea. I’ve had two slices of toast all day (Its now 8:19pm)
It is abading, it is.
But I was so miserable I didnt want to move. I got very little writing done. But hey! I did manage a little.
Fat Cat has those sympathetic cat senses, and has been following me around the house all day, or sitting here in my 
face. She knows I dont feel well. It could be that I’ve been whining to her. I dont know. I think she feels my pain.
Either that, or she’s waiting patiently for me to die so she can eat my corpse.
Yeah. ~eyes Fat Cat~
Yeah. ~Fat Cat eyes me~
I dont wanna tummy ache. I want my mommy.