Some of my favorite blogs…


So, I spend a great deal of time reading and discovering new blogs. I am going to list for you several that I keep coming back to due to their content. They are very unique in their own ways. Some are about cats, dogs, baby animals. Some are inspirational. Some of educational and helpful for indie writers. And some are simply entertaining, because they allow you a glimpse into another persons life.

So, on with the list:

There are SO many others. Angells Book Reviews and Courtney Wendeltons. And this doesn’t even cover many of the Blogger blogs I follow.

I am also honored that many of these bloggers follow my blog as well. Before my hiatus, I had called for people who would like to be interviewed and have their books or blog highlighted here, and a few stepped forward. There are still a few I am trying to get in touch with. Those interviews will be coming soon. I have so many questions I want to ask, I have to scale down my questionnaire a bit…lol.

Do you have a favored author or blogger that you follow? Want to share them here in the comments? I will gladly give them a look and see if they would like to be spotlighted here. Do you wish to be spotlighted? As I have said before, it’s for books, authors, bloggers…cat lovers, coffee enthusiasts…lol.

I would love to get as many as possible, covering all walks of life. I want to build brigdes and watch my favorite people mix and meet, but I dont want to do the traditions mix and meets that most other blogs do. I always have to do things the hardway, and, well, the oddball way.
So dont be shy and step right up!

Be sweet!



So, apparently, I was hacked. Multiple accounts. My site, my Facebook, my Twitter and Tumblr…and my Skype.
So, my deepest apologies to any of you who received weird links from me, and scamming stuff. I truly had no idea.

Just goes to show that no matter how creative you get with passwords, someone will get around it.

And at first, I wasn’t able to get around it. I had to enlist help.

However, hopefully, everything is sorted, and my precious site and my precious readers are safe from any malicious links or people pretending to be me.

I am deeply sorry to you all.

Enjoy the piece of smut a recently posted. Some people will accept that as currency. LOL.

Love you all!!!

Update on Fundraiser


So, thus far I have raised a whopping $21.00

I’ve been pushing the social media, and just dont know what I’m doing wrong, or not doing at all.
Well, other than mostly everyone I know is broke.

Just to clarify this non-profit fundraiser, I am working toward raising $300 for the nonprofit behind NaNoWriMo. As soon as I’ve raised at least $300.  If I raise $425 I can bring a friend. I know someone who would love to attend.

Mind you, fundraising money doesnt come to me, it goes directly to NaNoWriMo.

I’m also responsible for getting myself a roundtrip flight and hotel for the night.

So, if possible, toss a few bills my way.

I’ll reward you with stories, from horror to smut…>_>

Love my sweeties!

30 Day Challenge: Day 4

30 day challenge
Day4: The meaning behind your Tumblr name

Zoe’s lil Space: Well, it’s mine, and it’s little. I don’t really do much with the Tumblr. My posts get reposted there, and I follow a few interesting things, but rarely look for updates. Tumblr just isn’t my thing. Nor is Facebook or Twittertwatter. I have said it before…Social media is a nightmare. Its evil, a necessary evil now-day, but I just can’t grasp it. One of these days I’ll hire a professional to keep my stuff all organized and nice looking…lol.

Mailing lists???

~sigh~ I feel incredibly old tonight. Like, ‘hit young whipper-snappers with a stick’ old. Or ‘bite someone’ old. No one gets mad at a little old lady. I mean, in all honesty, when I’m a little old lady, massive groping of young mens perky behinds is the plan, cuz, yanno, who is gonna admonish an little old pervy lady?
Anyway…on to a topic I need help with. Okay, there’s lots of those, but we’ll stick to one tonight…
Okay, I admit the whole social media thing still throws me for a loop at times. Someone suggested I place a mailing list sign up on my site. ‘A wha…??’ was my response. There may have been some idiotic drooling, too. Sometimes that just happens naturally.
Anyway…so I read up on it and my first thought was ‘wouldn’t people get annoyed to get emails from me about this or that?’ and then I thought ‘well, if they were interested in my book, the upcoming books, and any promotions they might’.
So now I am researching ‘mailing list’ thingy-ma-jigs. Anyone use them? Anyone have suggestions? I’m shooting for ‘free, but nice and user friendly’.
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys and gals.
Special treat tomorrow hopefully…a short story that was inspired months ago by a post. Weeeee!