November 2016 Day 22


No NaNo count yet…my creative juices just DO NOT want to flow today. Plus, being in pain is kind of distracting. So, I’ll work on my NaNoWriMo later.

On to todays BlogHer prompt:

Nov. 22: What TV show are you obsessed with? Share 10 reasons it’s better than the other shows.

Just one? JUST ONE? Nope, not fair. I hate being asked to list just ONE favorite of anything, because I just don’t think that way. So, you’ll get a list of my favorites, and not quite 10 reasons why.

Here we go:

  1. The Walking Dead :
  • HELLO… end of the world as we know it drama. Dead things to poke with a stick! Danger, drama, in-fighting!
  •  Daryl Dixon anyone? Negan? Come on…hawtness.
  • Watching zombies age. Seriously, if you have watched since season one; they have become        skinnier and more brittle.
  • Carl. Watching him grow from little snot nosed brat to big snot nosed brat who can kick your     ass. Nice one.
  •    Plain old people are more of a threat than the dead things.
  •   Mysterious lawn mowing. Serious, who is going around cutting everyones lawn?
  •  Gasoline. People…gasoline has a shelf life. At this point, with how they have aged Judith, that shelf life has expired.
  • Rick Grime and Michonne anyone?
  • Michonne and her sword anyone?
  •  Michonnes sword anyone?
  1. Vikings :
  • They’re Vikings!
  • Hot Vikings
  • Tyranny
  • Plundering
  • Lovely duels of wit – from Vikings
  • Pillaging
  • Shield Maidens! Kick ass!

  1. Supernatural :
  • Do I even need to list all the awesomeness that is this show?
  1. Daredevil :
  • Again, too many reasons. Most importantly though: The Punisher.

That about wraps up what I watch on a regular basis. I like American Horror Story, but will admit to being in and out with it. I don’t watch weekly, I just sort of binge when I feel like it. I don’t know how I feel about this season yet. Didn’t care for last or Circus. Coven was okay. The first season was undoubtedly the best.

So there you have it.

Be Sweet, my lovelies…

November 2016 Day 16


No word count as of yet, had my final pool therapy this morning and assessment. Tomorrow I go see my doctor at the bone and joint clinic, who will then send me for my consult with a surgeon. Fun times, right?:/

So my NaNo writing will be put off for a little bit today. I did more than enough writing yesterday, however I am one to post a word count every day for the entire thirty days, so, I will be working later on.

Disappointing evening yesterday. I hosted a Write In down at the library and only two people showed up. I was sort of anticipating a decline in group participation with the coming holidays and whatnot. November really isn’t the best of months to hold NaNoWriMo in the USA…lol.

Anyways, lets move on to the BlogHer prompt for today:
Nov. 16: What TV series finale are you still upset about and why?


Hannibal was one of the greatest series out there. It stayed pretty true to the theme of the book Red Dragon, while playing up the complex relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lector. It also brought Jack Crawford and his wife more into the spotlight, which, their struggles were completely overlooked in the movies.

Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy had an incredible fix on their characters, playing off one another so perfectly, it was simply beautiful.

While the series ended on sort of a cross between cliffhanger and closure, I think it should have continued on. Just how much of Bedelia was served as a main course? Was Will partaking in the fine dining? There was a third chair in that scene…

The entire ensemble cast was great. Seeing Scott Thompson in a serious…or somewhat serious role was quite impressive after his Kids in the Hall days of his youth.

There is something more that needs to be highlighter here other than just the cast.

The visuals of this show were amazing. From the suits to the interior designs of rooms and halls. Even the food, as odd as some of it was, was so visually appealing.

Why this show was cancelled is beyond me. It makes me sad.

If you have never seen Hannibal the series, I suggest hunting it down (couchtuner) and watching it. Only 3 seasons, nothing binge watch can’t handle. Lol.

November 2016 Day 4


Howdy all!

So, I’m sitting in my coffee shop with a fellow Wrimo who was in the area and we decided to meet up to write together. It’s awesome.

Currently I’ve written 2861 words for the day for NaNo, and I’m still working on it!! I’m just taking a break to get my head straight a bit. Let’s get my blog challenge done.

Todays Prompt:
Nov. 4: Which fall shows should totally be canceled already?

You know, I have no clue. I honestly don’t sit in front of the television and watch new things. I’m not a couch potato. I have my favorites which I watch on Couchtuner. I watch The Walking Dead, Supernatural, American Horror Story and Vikings. I watched Hannibal to the end. I was sad that it was cancelled.

So, I really don’t know what else is out there. I don’t watch comedies. I used to watch all the crime shows. CSI and what not, just because …you know…RESEARCH…haha.

I also don’t sit in my living room to watch my shows. I never go in the living room. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice room with a 55” screen TV, but honestly, I am much more comfortable in my office. I can watch a show on the main screen, while talking to someone on Trillian on the other screen. It’s handy.

I have totally run off topic. I apologize. I’ve had to take a pain pill for my back pain and well, it’s left me a little loopy.

Out of the shows I DO watch…I think American Horror Story has run its course. I don’t think it should just be cancelled, I really want to see what happens in this fall season, but I think they should end it there. I don’t find it that entertaining anymore. It lacking something. It’s boring. I know they are trying to be creative and original in their storylines, but it’s all falling a little flat in my opinion.

I watch Fear the Walking Dead, which I think I had my expectations set a little too high for. It’s not delivering anything that answers any of the question in regards to The Walking Dead. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but I am wholly disappointed in it. I think it should be ended, and maybe give up a few things to help us understand The Walking Dead better.

Well, I guess that sums things up for me.

Best sweet my lovelies!

Netflix Vortex of Doom…and a lil something extra

So, I am always getting sucked into the Netflix Vortex of Doom. I am one of those people who dont just watch an episode of something…or even a single season of something, unless thats all thats available….nnnooo…I am not satisfied until I’ve seen all the things.

I’ve never brought it up before, and its only for the Chrome browser users I think…I use Chrome pretty exclusively. Anyway, I found a LOVELY extension for the Chrome browser like, went the extention first became available.

What is does, is it unlocks OTHER countries Netflix regions. What is so exciting about that? Netflix is Netflix. Oh, no, my lovely dearies. Netflix in other countries carries different movies, newer movies and series, and things removed from the good old Netflix you are used to watching.

The extension is called Hola!.

It’s a wonderful thing. I’ve been watching Argentina’s Netflix all day.
The best countries are US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, Switzerland, Brazil and Sweden. Now, there are some drawbacks. On some movies, you have to read subtitles, however, look out because they do have option at the bottom of the Netflix screen to switch those to whatever language you speak.
Another drawback is your favorites list doesnt always carry over. And sometimes movie drop. Usually when movies drop, and dont reconnect in a timely manner, I close out of that tab and start a new one, and it usually kicks in the movie from about a minute of where I had gotten dropped.
You have to scroll through the list of countries, as some countries piggyback off other, and dont have their own Netflix.
From what I understand, Hola can be used for other searching type things as well, and unlock Youtube video from regions that tell you that you cant watch that video. I really havent toyed with it much, I just use it for Netflix. It feeds my addiction.
Having gotten all that out there, tomorrow night I will present three more movies that I’ve watched. I try not to give a detail review, I really hate the thought of ruining a movie or show for someone, or accidentally giving too much away. So, I prefer to just give my impression vaguely, whether I enjoyed it or not, and would or wouldnt recommend it.
So, until tomorrow night, sleep tight, if you do that sort of thing…


The Babadook
This movie was…interesting. It had some very good creep factor, but not scare factor. I loved the story, and the little boy is a stellar little actor. Though, this isnt a movie I would bother watching again.
The Woman in Black 2
After how much I loved the first movie, this one was a total and complete let down. Boring story all way around. It just strayed way too far from the original movie. Blah.
Saved the best for last! I absolutely loved this movie. Not just because it was a vampire movie, but because of the concept of what a vampire can and cant do in this telling of a vampire tale. Gender roles also play into the whole scheme of things. The acting was great. The concept was great. Top marks from me!!!
Now, I think I will delve into Netflix a little more. I am really considering re-watching Supernatural from the very beginning. YES! GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT! WHO NEEDS SLEEP! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!
~falls over snoring and drooling~

30 Day Challenge: Day 18

30 day challenge

Day 18: Name the TV Show you have become addicted to

DAMMIT! I refuse to choose. I am addicted to several. Not a lot, but I honestly can’t choose.

1: The Walking Dead
2: Supernatural
3: Penny Dreadful
4: Vikings
5: Daredevil
6: Grimm
7: Hannibal
8: The Strain
9: Z-Nation

I used to like American Horror Story as well, but after the second season it just didn’t jive for me. The third season was okay, but they got too many inaccuracies about voodoo and history wrong, and it irked me…lol…and then there was season four, which was a total waste of time. Season five doesn’t look promising to me either. Season One was by far the best.
With the new TV season starting soon, I will likely be adding ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ to my list, while I’ll be losing Hannibal since its being cancelled. And as an aside, Z-Nation isn’t very good at all to me as far as the storyline and the acting, but it forever amuses me for some reason. I can say I could be content if all I ever got to watch were the top four on my list.